Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eliot Ward-Fear (Long Over-Due)

Happy Saturday all! I'm enjoying the night on my bed with a bag of peanut m&m's.
(Does this girl actually live in Brooklyn, New York? Yes, yes I do.)
These images have been sitting on my desktop ready to post for the last month, but I really wanted to give it a proper write up, but write-ups need research and that's time I don't have at the moment with Fashion Week on the horizon.
But in a fabric stitched nutshell; Eliot Ward-Fear is an Aussie Designer, 22 years old (holy shit), and oh so fricken cool. Besides fashion he dabbles in elaborate accessory design (google Bryanboy at the prada show) and sky-high wedges (18cm to be exact). Also, another bit of interesting info.. His dad was a set designer for Mad Max, Alien and The Shining.. Coool!

The Spirit Of Clothing. A/W 2011

What made my heart skip a beat? Firstly, the colour story- I love the pinks and whites contrasted by the nude and camel brown tones. Then the panelling and tailoring (hello heart bum!) and lastly, and the most prominent love, is the mixture of different fabrics and textiles (as you can see I found some sneaky close-ups below.) He wanted to challenge himself with the construction side and decided to go the full hog and make everything himself, which is refreshing to hear.

"I liked the idea of literally showing transcendence, so I translated that into the spirit of the garment leaving itself, in the form of wavering shapes ‘leaving’ the dress: sliding down the sleeve or flying off the shoulder."
(First three images from dazeddigital, last two from

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