Friday, March 26, 2010

We Still Got the Taste Dancing on our Tongues


My life was moved in a pretty dramatic way last night! Yes I know, a powerful statement but it's true. The three banditeers(bloggabro took the place of lobster, sorry lobster) took on the villagers and the wild beasts- A FANTASTIC gig (Caps Lock never lies). T-bag even said it was in his Top 5 best gigs and he's quite hard to please. Bloggabro, who is quite the wild beast stalker, also enjoyed it v.much.

The villagers; a one-man band I've heard little about definitely started the bloggamonsta's night off to a good note. Pun-intended! A guy from Dublin, who reminded me of an elf and a little bit of alex turner. He heavily pronounced all his S's and C's, and did this amazing dog howl in one song. -A highlight for me. His voice was just incredible! The band and him were really tight, it was like they created a wall of sound, with the villager nearly being hit by the guitar a few times in the process.

Note: I don't particularly like using the word "tight", I think it belongs to people who can play instruments, and who know the proper meaning of "tight". For me, tight just means no obvious mistakes good.

Wild beasts came on not so long after and were equally as great! I've listened to the album on and off for the last few weeks but after seeing them live it's been on constant replay all day! A sign of how good the gig was I think. The delicous old-hollywood looking main singer with the high pitched voice (kinda reminded me of anthony and the johnsons) was b.e.a.utiful in every sense of the word. The guitartist(who was also jammin) had this elaborate quiff while the bass/singer had a chunky cable knit cardigan that I wanted to steal. I also wanted these;

(Old-Hollywood's shoes.)

And not to leave the drummer out, he was also v.good. Infacto Bloggabro and T.bag thoroughly enjoyed him and mentioned how the sound of the drums get slightly lost in the album production. I kinda understand what they're talking about but the music is still just so out there! The banditeers were chatting on the way home about how whoever discovered them must have thought they struck gold, such an original sound.

For those who would like to give them an ole listen but don't know where to start I would recommend; The Devils Crayon, Two Dancers part1, We Still Got the taste Dancing on our Tongues, Hooting and Howling and the faithful (and the one that got me interested in the first place) All the King's Men. Enjoy my blogsters!

With love, Bloggamonsta xxx

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Heart Cooperative Designs.


It pains me to see only three posts for March. My blog looks so sad and neglected...sniff. But I'm back and I have lots of stuff to write about! Well not lots, but bits and pieces.

London Fashion Week came and went so quickly, I was a little out of breath. I didn't get to write about all the shows I wanted and thats all I wanted to do bloggatrons! But it would've been forced and I would've re-used words like "beautiful" and "textural" alot, so instead of showing everyone how small my vocabulary is I made a mental note of the ones I was going to come back to.
So this is where Co-operative Designs comes in! A label made up of two designers who met in CSM on a MA and what they have created since leaving has been nothing short of inspiring. The traditional use of knitwear and the modern twist they give it with their weird shapes, innovative patterns and a techno hit through colour seem to be the unofficial ethos of the label. S/S 2010 has a tribal feel, which echoes through a few of their earlier collections, but is by far the most obvious of them all. Maybe "tribal" isn't the right word? More urban warrior? Hmmm I think so.

You're limited in what you can do texturally with knit, but they take the obvious and reinvent it! And most importantly, the pieces are so wearable. What I would do for this pompom jumper from A/W 09.

I've only been following since spring/summer 2010 but I've been looking into their small but impressive archive ever since. My favourite collection has to be A/W 10, it's like they've found their comfort zone. The earlier collections have a fun youthful factor but I think A/W 10 is brilliantly executed and has a real high fashion feel of sophisticated edginess- Parisian love will be coming their way if not there already!

(Above images from

I <3 Cooperative Designs.

Bloggamonsta xxx

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Foals, Spanish Sahara


I'm sorry about the lack of posts lately. Busy Busy trying to get things done and organised, I'll hopefully be back to normal next week with pics and funny things to say (one can only hope). In the meantime enjoy this doozy; Foals first single off their second album- Total Life Forever. So lovely and chilled, bit of a head/ shoulder mover and v.different from anything on the Antidotes album. Love the video.
Do you have a song that you just wished everyday life would move in slow motion to? Well I have loads (not really sure what that says about me) but this is definitely added to the list!

Hope you enjoy followers!

Bloggamonsta xxx

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tokyo Hardcore, V Magazine

Liu Wen, Tayo Okamoto and Ranya Mordanova photographed by Jonas Akerlund. Japanese Street Style inspired shoot. Love!

(Images from

Two Door Cinema Club Gig


It's been a few days, I apologise. To have Rihanna pop up as the first post to my blog for so long was never my intention. But I have to admit I have listened to that song a ridiculous amount of times so I can't be too snobby. T.bag and I had an ole natter about it on thursday and he thinks that she has more of a right to that look than MIA because of her Barbados roots? Maybe so, but if she put more of an original spin on it it wouldn't look so obviously ripped off. "Ouch Bloggamonsta that was cutting" says T.bag. "Oh I'm sorry" says Bloggamonsta.

So there was a little gigging on thursday night; lobster, t.bag and I (aka the three banditeers or bandits, I haven't decided yet) went to see the Two Door Cinema Club with a band called Kowalski supporting. It was a fun night of little bouncy tunes sang by young looking school boys. The place was packed and they said little quirky things like "Hi we're To Doir Cinama Cloub from Banggor" in there lovely Northern Irish accent.

Apparently, they're a band to look out for in 2010; signed to a french label called Kitsune Music which released bands like Bloc Party and The Foals. We kinda came to the conclusion that alot of money is being poured into them; the amount of guitar changes they had was mental for a little gig in the roisin, they had those little ear piece things and packs and t.bag thought they all looked quite styled to that no-stylist perfection. They were really tight as a band though and the guitarist(he reminds me of Father Dougal) was pretty amazing but they did sing over a backing track once or twice which was a little dissapointing for the monsta. The support band Kowalski were v.good. And the drummer was quite yummy. I have photos which I'll upload when I find my camera connection. In the meantime here's a few from google!

Two Door Cinema Club having sandwiches.


They're all working the outdoorsy look quite well!

Later bloggatrons! xxx