Thursday, December 24, 2009

Vogue US January

Great photoshoot! Sasha Pivovarova looks fantastic. Here are a few of my favs, the full photoshoot can be found on - salvation for fashion lovers!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Walala! (Photographed in Bricklane in London, Summer 09.)

Bloggamonsta xxx

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ode to Brittany Murphy


I was so focused on getting a good photo of Brittany Murphy from Clueless to mark this sad occasion that I completely forgot about the other great movies she was in. I came across some movies stills from 8 mile, Uptown girls, and one of my personally favs; Girl, Interrupted. Obviously as a young girl, the movie Clueless opened my eyes to style, and a fake american accent (which I still have a twang of to this day) but I think Girl Interrupted was by far Murphy's most cool indie flick. However, Clueless is definetly the movie that created earthquakes in the style stakes all over the world. "She could be a farmer in those clothes"!

Who could forget Brittany Murphy's character "Tai" (what a cool fricken name) getting a makeover in Chers? The dye being washed out of her hair, the heart belly top cut even shorter, Dion doing her make-up- wowsers. Ugh, and the cute little red plaid school uniform she wears on her first day of school as an official member of the cool crew with Cher and Dion wearing a matching yellow and black ensemble. I think my little ten year old self had the world stop for a minute.
The beauty of the over-the-knee socks? I vote Murphy as number one wearer! Oh and of course the brilliance of how she finds the balance between her new found coolness and her grunge roots. It wouldn't be a chick flick without a faint message. - That was a particularly good one. Unfortunetly, there aren't many photos of Tai on her own (which is dissapointing) but this is a fab one of the three..

Now, Girl, interrupted -she did an amazing job, she worked the troubled and slightly creepy girl very well. I mean it when I say this is one of my favourite movies in the last decade. Great style and completely different from anything she has done before. Very 1950's, old and rigid. Her hair is perfection!

It's so weird how her career went down a path of shit chick flicks like Just Married , then again I did like Uptown Girls, but Girl Interrupted was just so kick ass! It shouldn't of happened that way. Also, the whole body-image change around 8 mile was crazy, she became too much of a skinny minnie. To make matters worse it was a shit movie, but I do remember being envious of good ole Murphy and her cool ways - actually was she a whore? Either way she was a cool cat.

Sad that it ended this way for her but at least she leaves behind a pretty great legacy. Not an in your face legacy but one that can be dug around to discover gems of old material Murphy was linked to. For example, I didn't know Murphy was in Party of Five, now that's worth a google!
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Alexander Wang, S/S 2010 Photoshoot

Good morning Bloggatrons,

Found this beautiful photoshoot of Alexander Wang's Spring/Summer 2010 collection. What I love about Wang's clothing is his effortless way of obtaining detail and an underlying sexiness with a sporty urban edge.
Oh be still my beating heart...

Full photoshoot can be seen on

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The XX, You've got the Love remix

Final post for the night, nearly forgot to throw this up, and that would be a tragedy. The XX's remix of Florence and the Machine's cover of "You've got the Love", fab! After The XX finished their set, this was put on straight after. It was a cool way to shut up the crowd if anybody shouted the ole Irish favourite "one more tune!" Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Snogs and Blogs xxx

Oh by the way, starting a new book tonight. Thats two books finished since I started this blog! I think the mushy brain is getting stronger.

The Kissaway Trail (photos)

Hi again!

Hope you enjoyed the photos from The White Lies, The XX and Fuck Buttons. I know, I know hardly professional but I'm working with a standard Fuji. Throw me a fricken bone blogstas! Also, I don't think my picture taking was appreciated too much at the F Buttons gig, hardcore fans were not smiling. But what you going do? Pretend they don't exist.

Now I'm gonna upload one or two from The Kissaway Trail. Uploaded a song of theirs quite recently, it's a good'n.


The White Lies

Gig number three!

So I saw these guys in the Academy and it was a delight. Great live band but badly fitted black clothing. Only downfall. You can do black well if you put a little bit of imagination into it (like The XX, just sayin'), not even so much the imagination, the fit is more important. The bassists looked a lot older than the other members coz he had a smelly ole black shirt on that could've been a decade old, he also had a few too many buttons undone. You never know though maybe I just caught them on an off night, maybe they ran out of clean clothes! ho ho! Anyway I was really impressed with them, it's one of lobster's fav bands of the momento. I tagged along with a free ticket and got myself a free heineken. The venue was really great aswell- not too big not too small...

Gees you won't believe how many photos I have of the lead singer, he's quite yummy.

Bloggamonsta xxxx

The XX and Fuck Buttons

Hey blogstas!
Sorry bout the lack of posts but I've been a busy bee. Christmas shopping, gigs and family time; tis the season to be jolly! So I'm finally going to upload the photos from The White Lies gig which I was at a week ago. I also have a few photos taken from The XX and Fuck Buttons which were fantastico! These two bands which I saw one night after another couldn't have been more different but both excellent in their own individual way.

The XX was chilled and atmospheric to the max! I don't think anybody could have said a bad word about the gig. Like I said to T.bag, it was like listening to their cd, they sang perfectly and the sound was good, they were also uber cool. Dressed all in black but in a quirky cool way, somthing I didn't think the same about The White Lies. Loved the XX bassist's polo neck and necklace combo, he kinda reminded me of the guy from the band Right Said Fred- ya know the shirt ripping song I'm too sexy BUT in a good way. Less muscles and nice humble guy with a great face- no shirt ripping needed!

Loved the guitarist/singer girl, her hair was jammin -those side burns could cut cheese! But seriously though her voice is the prettiest voice I've ever heard live. There were only three of them performing, apparently the fourth band member is suffering from exhaustion so they're going on without her. Oh remember I thought the guitarist girl was gay? Well I take it back. Lobster and T.bag were right, the sexual tension between her and the bassist was preeetty obvious. She was as cool as a cucumber while the hot bassist couldn't keep his eyes off her, oh the love. And we can't forget the third guy, the brains behind the operation most likely, he spent the gig behind the guitarist and the bassist doing smart stuff I presume. K less of the babble babble..

The band I saw the night after were the Fuck Buttons which were mental! I only heard a little about them from winkster and T.bag but I was still not completely sure what to expect, only that they'd be bad-ass. And they were right! What a bad-ass gig but holy moly was it loud, lobster just about made it to the end of the gig. It was insanely loud, I only found out after the gig that they are referred to as a noise band. Took one or two photos of the table which the equipment was on, thought it looked funkasarus! Pictures aren't the best quality, but they'll do..

So I did a little research about them, I feel its the monsta's job to spread the word about these buttons. Soooo... a two piece experimental group created in 2004 by two guys; Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power in Bristol when they met in Art School. Found a very cool quote from New Noise which sums up the band perfectly I think; "rarely have two men sounded so much like the end of the world". They have two album's so far Street Horrsing and Tarot Sport . Oh and you gotta love the instruments (I know, hardly what a cool cat hardcore fuck buttons fan would call them but I'm neither cool or hardcore, or a cat for that matter...yet. So 'instruments" it is.), check out the kids Fisher-Price karoake machine and casiotone keyboard! K less babbling, one more photo for my bloggatrons...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Vogue Germany, December Photoshoot shot by Mark Seliger

Just had to upload these sweet photos! Chanel Iman looks glorious!

Full photoshoot can be found

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Vena Cava & High tops

Check out these bad boys! While I was fishing for pictures of the Vena Cava collaboration with converse I found these little beauties. Oh the days of baby, ginger and scary spice bouncing around the stage in these monsta'cons, something tells me I didn't appreciate them as much as I should have back then.

But here's the real reason for this blog; the Vena Cava collaboration with converse... Wowsers. This is the first I've heard of Vena Cava; two west coast designers who are now based in Brooklyn, NY. But look at the funkness of something that just started out with a doodle? Sophie Buhai, one Half of Vena Cava, says it was a natural idea brought about by memories of boredom in the classroom where the converse was used a doodle board. It makes me want to attack my own cons! But no. Not until they are at least a year old. And only if they can look like this...

What's extra great about the above hightops is that it's apart of the Converse [RED] collection which helps fashion fight Aids and other diseases in Africa. Had a little investigation into their A/W 09 collection and the pieces have quite a cool relaxed westcoast vibe, but with a New York edge. Hip and wearable, just the way bloggamonsta likes it! Heres a little peak for all my bloggatrons...

The tonal blue velvet zippy dress is jumping out at me. Lovely.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Kissaway Trail

Oh hi again!

Nearly forgot to post this band I saw as a support act for the White Lies in the Academy on wednesday. I'll give you a full review on the gig tomorrow but for now enjoy this song from The Kissaway Trail- it was the opening number and it captured me straightaway. It was amazing live and (I think) longer but have a listen and see what you think!

Holly Fulton, ASOS Hub.

Yowzas Bloggatrons!

I was just havin a little sneaky peak on ASOS (oh the regrets) and I came across the capsule collection from Holly Fulton, apart of the ASOS Hub- supporting up and coming designers. I wrote about her in one of my first fashion blogs, and oh god is this smart venture good. It is so good that I had to save the pictures straight away and get off ASOS ASAP! Gonna upload them now so that you can all salivate over them and hopefully someone out there can afford a piece, maybe for me... Or at least dedicate the piece to me. I'll take anything! The surface texture that graced her critically acclaimed S/S 10 collection shown at Fashion East have been toned down into detailed prints and uber cool necklaces and the price tags have been replaced with a much more affordable prices between £60-£100. A total steal for designer pieces that are so unique and can be worn until the world explodes into tiny art deco pieces. The blue necklace is my fav.
Enjoy fashion lovers...or Flovers!

Oh apparently four pieces from Fulton's A/W 09 collection have been used in the latest Sex and the City movie! SJP is a lucky duck.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giles Deacon, SS 2010

After doing a little style hunting on I came across Giles Deacon 2010 spring/summer collection and I'm loving the halloween spooky theme! He is a designer I never pay a huge amount of attention to but after this accidental stumble I think I'll be coming back to see more! Hello yummy dinosaur bag teamed with taranchula print t.shirt...

Oh hi there Daphne, could I borrow your dress sometime? Spookalicious...

I would also give my right arm to know what this textured dress is made up of? Looks like it could be tiny squares of tulle sewn in the middle to create a flower affect? Hmmmm I don't know...

Enjoy the Giles'ness! xxxx

Passion Pit, The reeling

Just came across this video last week and forgot to share it! So great. Passion pit keep getting better and better. I was a big fan of their song Sleepyhead (Chunk of Change EP) but The Reeling kicks ass, looking forward to getting their new album. Love the synth rock vibe to this song and the video couldn't be better, the funk girl tearing up the scene is brill! Their video actually reminds me of Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer, which is complimento of the century for Passion Pit. It has a real DIY feel, which I love. Have a look...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Craftfair Experience!

Hello Bloggatrons!

First of all, what do you think of my new MONSTABLOGGA heading? Pre-tty trendy. Its all thanks to the t.bag! I feel like an officially blogger now! Oh lets not be silly i was always an official blogger.

Sooooo as you know I've had a busy two weeks being crafty and yesterday was the big day with Libster and Babz! Gonna upload a few photos...

Baby bib making took over my life for a few days but whats better than thinking like a baby? So as you can tell I'm no photographer and these were taken the night before the fair so I didn't really have time to display them properly.

I hope you enjoy them! Fabrics include jersey, sweatshirting, pvc, plactic, cotton and stretch cotton. The wipe clean plastic bibs are pretty kick ass. It allows your baby's ensemble to been seen all the way through feeding! Very important in baby land.

Placematts! Oh your house would not be complete without them. So just like the bibs everything is handmade and theres a huge amount of stitch detail. I think my personal fav placematts are the large blue and white print with the house scene and flower stitch/button detail and polka dot bias binded edges. The large white placematts are similar with the house scene and flower detail but with "There's no place like home" embroidered into each matt. The fabrics used are mainly cotton and stretch cotton and the fun scenes (house, flowers, hearts) are made from pleather, stayflexed jersey and pvc.

The bowbands and bow broaches are Lady Gaga and Luella inspired. Made in polka dot b/w jersey, blue leopard print, blue aerotex, black sequin, pink pvc, orange pvc and baby pink waterproof. BowBands consist of bow attached onto cute headbands and BowBroaches, well its pretty self explantory! Wahhla!

I also made a few button broaches; cute and small with pretty detail. Made from taffeta, a wax organza with stitch detail, buttons and beading. These are my most adventurous photos, taken in my nieces baby playhouse! The broaches look ginormous beside the plastic squirrel, I kinda like it.

So thats it bloggatrons! Hope you've enjoyed the photos! They took me a ridiculously long time to upload. Gotta jump back in my caravan now for the next fair! I joke I joke. I will be having a few days of chilling and gigging, checkin out the white lies on wednesday and then The XX the week after. Whoop Whoop!

I'll hit you up with another blog before then.
Over and out bloggstas!