Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Appreciating The Past, Debbie does..

Long before Chloe thought doubling up on denim would be good, Blondie had it down to a t. or... jacket and jeans.
blondie part2

(Chloe S/S 10,

Blondie and her Futuristic Grunge

blondie futuristic
Taking on the sporty trend without even knowing it.

debbie does
Sequins and one shoulder..hello Balmain spring/summer 2009!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Appreciating the Past

Hello bloggatrons!

I think I'm going to have to stop apologising for my lack of blogs because it looks like my 5 posts a month could be the limit for a while! I'm afraid at the moment I'm not feeling hugely inspired by anything to really blog about. Maybe it's because of the amount of time I'm spending on my own work. (*I'd like to take "amount of" out of that sentence please.) Don't get me wrong most photoshoots are fantastic and my favourite designers are called that for a reason but finding something hugely original in the 10sies is hard to come by. It got me thinking about the days when the designers ruled the roost and everything was in the name of fashion, was there more originality out there? Probably.

Now that youth culture and street style influence the fashion industry more than the hierarchy of designers itself, we have more wearability and updated versions of last seasons, which is great but I guess looking back to the 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s everything looked so new and fresh! Mary Quant and the mini skirt, Westwood with her punk roots, 1980's power dressing and 1990's Cobain Grunge. I wonder what the 00's will be remembered for? It's a mish mash decade. Britney Spears's midriff; hardly the most breakthrough fashion moment, Kate Moss's heroin chic'ish style (with pete doherty on her arm to give the heroin part proper meaning), Olsen's bag lady chic which I still love, paris hilton, nicole ritchie, I guess this was the decade of the celebrity? Apart from Spear's midriff, Kate moss and the olsen's style are each based on fashion from the past. I wonder have we reached our fashion quota? Is everything from now on reuse, recycle? I'm not complaining, I'd like to live in leggings forever.

Anyway time to appreciate fashion moments from the past!
mary quant mini
1960's Mini Skirt

edie sedgwick
Edie Sedgewick, if only to have been best buddies with Edie... sniff

Sid Vicious, Punk

Bowis as Ziggy

power suit
Melanie Griffith, Power dresser in Working Girl.

kurt cobain

My so called Life, If only Jared Leto would stop putting eye liner on and return to his grunge roots.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Camping and the Villagers

Hello my fair bloggatrons!

So it's just a short one, I've been a serial procrastinator all morning and must start work ASAP! I blame it on the Gaurdian, it started me off on the wrong foot with it's fantastic feature on Ms.Jones, comfort set in and then the friggen Kardashians got me. Anyway two episodes later I'm blogging! Still slightly procrastinating but at least this way I'm getting inspired and keeping up to date with up and coming trends? Cough.

Love the eclectic styling of this photoshoot. And the model is FAB. Drooling over the Westwood piece in image three and hello camping bra! LOVE. Jill Sander piece is also b.e.a.utiful (Image 1). Another slight tribal, urban-warrior shoot with a deconstruction element, my favourite.

(Images are from

Oh before I go, I was flicking through the channels last night after watching Girl, Interrupted with m'ladies, and came across The Villagers on Jools Holland! Had an ole youtube today but only one song has been uploaded, I'm waiting eagerly for the rest. Check out this video from an Irish show based around young musicians, the dog howl is featured which is a yeehaw moment. (Although keep in mind when I saw them they were a five piece and the sound was alot better, y'know cos it's not coming a laptop.)

Hope you enjoy!


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hello Bloggsters,

I'm back from Landon Landon with 50 metres of fabrics and a bag of trims in tow. My purse feels alot lighter but I'm quite happy with my choices so it could be worse. Y'know like coming home and realising I hate everything? Yes that would be alot worse.
So it was a super short visit for Libster and I but as always the city treated us well. Goldhawke road (fabric street in london, great fabric at affordable prices) was walked for the majority of thursday and then Berwick St/ Oxford St was tackled on friday, then back on the plane to ye ole Emerald Isle on Friday evening. Every penny of my money was spent on fabric so unfortunetly I don't even have a key ring to photograph and post up, it took alot to walk through Oxford St and not venture in. I'm becoming responsible at last!
Here are a few samples from my fabrics which range from Jersey, Lace, Tulle, Dutchess Satin, Silk Twill and Chiffon;

The trims are from MacCulloch & Wallace;
Fell in love with the bronze circle buckle, aswell as my 5 buttons for £1.50.

Beads and rivets; a £1 a bag. I'd buy a bag of stones if it was priced at a £1. I do like these though, they'll be used for something I'm sure.

Although it was all go go go, we did squeeze in a delish vietnamese on thursday night on Kingsland rd with Rory, our fellow fashionisto, where we chatted over vino and then chatted some more in Dreambags Jaguar Shoes with our friend gin! It really couldn't have been better! Squishy couches, dimly lit rooms, music and snuggles; the beeswax. Wish I had more photos to upload for you guys, I'll do better next time.
(Dreambags Jaguar Shoes, Kingsland rd)

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P.S. I saw Control for the first time last night with Lobster, now that is worth a blog! Maybe tomorrow...

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jerry Hall and Studio 54


So it's just a short one. Last night I watched The Late Late show which is, for those of you who don't know, Ireland's answer to The Tonight Show except with less glamour and alot less budget. For those of you who do, don't make any hasty remarks until you've sat through a full show, it's good! Anyway, Jerry Hall was on chatting about her days in Studio 54 hanging with the likes of Warhol, Jagger, Grace Jones and it just got me thinking how much I would kill to go back there to experience Studio 54 at it's height! Unfortunetly I can't do that but I can photoshop my face into these images. Jerry Hall looks like such a fox!
How random is the last one though of her and blondie? Slightly.

(Images from Google)
Bloggamonsta xxx


I've been a very bad blogger. Lack of attention for my bloggamonsta blog makes me sad and mad! This will change. It's just been a busy, but exciting, past few weeks. Aswell as teaching the kids and teens of Ireland how to sew and make dresses(I feel it's my duty), I also became a finalist in a national jewellery designer of the year competition which was random since it was only something I entered to dust off my portfolio! It was a really great experience, brilliant production (much bigger than I ever thought it would be) and it opened my eyes to an area I'd probably like to look into more. Anyhu I didn't win, but you know it's not the winning that matters it's the taking part blah blah blah. Ha! Just joking! Or am I? No really I am. Getting my pieces back next week so as soon as I have them I'll take photos and upload. Hopefully Bloggamom will collect them for me as I'll be in London with fair libster buying fabric. Yay!

Other than that, the other aspect thats taking up part of my life is a little fashion adventure me and my two ladies libster and babz like to call the "The Melting Pot." This consists of us three NY wannabe goobs working on our own seperate mini-collections, and getting together with a few other creative goobs to hold an exhibition in the big L(ahem, Limerick) at the end of May. A fashion adventure which we promised ourselves would be a chilled and fun experience of whatever tickled our fancy whether it's a full blown collection, accessories or bits of both. I'm going for the bits of both. *I at least thought "The Melting Pot" sounded semi-original until I typed it into google to find over a million other melting pots! I should've known stealing it off Jay-z would have repercussions.

We've set up a blog to track our progress and ideas and I'll post the address as soon as we actually have stuff up to look at. Hopefully that'll be soon my bloggsters! Libster has already wrote an award-winning introduction.

On the offhand, I had my first car bump on wednesday. It was pretty terrible, the embarrassment that is, the bump was not evident, infact it was more like a dirt scratch. It was in my local supermarket and I was wearing my leopard print jacket and a headscarf (hardly the most inconspicuos) and the few people that were around gave me that "sharp fingernails scratching a chalk board" look. I fucking hate that look! Anyway I survived, left my phone number and nobody called...yet, hopefully they won't. Ever.

Woah longer post than expected! Hope it wasn't too much of snoozefest my dear bloggatrons.

Love Bloggamonsta