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This is Bob's Job.

Bob has a Job.
"Bob's Book of Style Tips" will launch in November 2011. Stocking Filler!!

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I'm alive and well.


While I'm away you can find me on

A little photo journal of my time here in NY.

Mucho love and besos xx

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Happy Thursday!

Dancing my aran knit pants off with a moscow mule in one hand. LOVE TO ABOVE! x

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I'm not going to talk like I know about politics, because I'm a total amateur, but maybe I can be a spokesperson for people who aren't normally interested in politics.

Thump. Thump. Thump ThumpThumpThump!

PJ does it again! Jenson just knows how to achieve the ultimate in chic/retro style, his presentations always have a quirky and innovative edge (to support the equally-so collection).
Love the surroundings for this photoshoot! Simple and lovely. x

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I'll Have A Minitel Rose Please!

Love this video! And the band are a little gem discovered by my roomie babzer. 4c are Loving Magic Powder with a capital L.
- Definitely worth a listen. Or ten million. x

Hello Earth

It's not important to me that people understand me.
- Kate Bush

Villainous New York.

Outside McJ cafe, Prince Street.

Hearts for Heart.

Mott St, Nolita.

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Oh Nancy.

(image from google)

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Pamela Love A/W 11* Frank Tell

Pamela Love Frank Tell
Pamela Love FRank Tell
Pamela Love Frank Tell
NYC jewellery designer Pamela Love's A/W 2011 collection (presented with b.e.autifully delicate Frank Tell dresses) at Milk Studios was FAB! Super cool surroundings made up geometric shapes and a live band. Lalalove.

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Humina humina humina...

OMG I want the red oversized textured cardy/jacket. Please jump on a plane and fly over to me.
Mark Fast A/W 2011
(With thanks to

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Givenchy HC

Oh Givenchy how you've captured my Haute Couture lovin' heart! From trawling through the Spring/Summer 2011 archives my Givenchy appreciation has grown as big as a chanel advertisement campaign (yes that's right).
So why just a feature on Givenchy HC? Simply because I feel out of all the designers who are keeping Haute Couture alive by dividing their ample workload between S/S and A/W ready-to-wear collections to delve into the intricate time consuming world of HC, Givenchy is the fashion house who've stayed true to the meaning of Haute Couture AND delivered an amazing collection. (Obviously just my opinion)
From the select amount of looks, inspiration (Japan, Robots, say no more..) and colour story, right down to the presentation (which is so important) it captured perfection. The setting is antique-like and simple; bare and architecturally strong to back the construction of the pieces and not too over-bearing or busy to take away from the delicate femininity of some of the fabrics. (Oh sheerness will you marry me?)
Theres a feeling of intimacy with the Givenchy collection, like you're lucky to be involved in the Givenchy experience. A feeling of exclusivity even, which is ultimately what Haute Couture is all about.
Dior, Gaultier, Valentino and the rest left me a The shows didn't feel special, it looked like it could've been another ready to wear collection. I mean Chanel had 67 looks?! (I felt a little tired half-way through. Made myself a sandwich.)
For me, Givenchy S/S HC collection is more about quality rather than quantity.
The attention to detail is insane! Robot-inspired applique contrasted with layering, folds and endless hours of craftsmanship (one outfit taking 4,000 hours of sewing apparently) in a delicious soft colour palette (which to my delight had flashes of lime green and yellow) and then topped off with Philip Treacy millinery. Love!
02m described the up-close experience with the pieces "like examining works of art in a gallery" which I imagine is pretty spot-on.
(Images from

Eliot Ward-Fear (Long Over-Due)

Happy Saturday all! I'm enjoying the night on my bed with a bag of peanut m&m's.
(Does this girl actually live in Brooklyn, New York? Yes, yes I do.)
These images have been sitting on my desktop ready to post for the last month, but I really wanted to give it a proper write up, but write-ups need research and that's time I don't have at the moment with Fashion Week on the horizon.
But in a fabric stitched nutshell; Eliot Ward-Fear is an Aussie Designer, 22 years old (holy shit), and oh so fricken cool. Besides fashion he dabbles in elaborate accessory design (google Bryanboy at the prada show) and sky-high wedges (18cm to be exact). Also, another bit of interesting info.. His dad was a set designer for Mad Max, Alien and The Shining.. Coool!

The Spirit Of Clothing. A/W 2011

What made my heart skip a beat? Firstly, the colour story- I love the pinks and whites contrasted by the nude and camel brown tones. Then the panelling and tailoring (hello heart bum!) and lastly, and the most prominent love, is the mixture of different fabrics and textiles (as you can see I found some sneaky close-ups below.) He wanted to challenge himself with the construction side and decided to go the full hog and make everything himself, which is refreshing to hear.

"I liked the idea of literally showing transcendence, so I translated that into the spirit of the garment leaving itself, in the form of wavering shapes ‘leaving’ the dress: sliding down the sleeve or flying off the shoulder."
(First three images from dazeddigital, last two from

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Love, Grrr and Chipped Nails.

Robo-leopard and Love ring purchased from Nolan on Prince St. Cheap and chic! And deliciously gaudy. Just the way I like it. x
($22 for Love, $20 for Robo-leopard)

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Sheer Goodness..

Sheer Appreciation Day Bloggatrons! Came across a fabulous sheer look in work last week, captured on the streets of Paris and thought it would be a nice idea to dedicate a post to the sheer loveliness (ahem) of this particular style. I don't sport the overall sheer look like some of these fabulous ladies are (Maybe after some more yoga classes. Possibly.) but acknowledging the coolness of it is just enough to get me inspired to be more adventurous when introducing sheer to my wardrobe.
Also, as you can tell from my last post the sixties is what I'm loving at the moment, this has brought me to an obsessive state of finding a 60s shift with sheer sleeves. I hear Williamsburg is the thrift'ing mecca of NY so once I have a little more time after fashion week I will investigate and purchase purchase purchase!
This is just a photo of a midi- length skirt I bought in Oxfam, London last year for three pounds. Chopped out the lining and voile! Sheer Genius. Ok I'll stop with the puns and appreciate the goodness..
Love the polka dot panel contrast. It makes the grungy Courtney Love look a little pretty. (Paris Fashion Week)
The same kind of vibe as the above pic; a little grungy, a little edgy, love the belt and necklaces, and her cute pulp fiction length bob is a delight. Also whoever said smoking isn't cool needs to look at this girl. Don't smoke kids. Unless you can look like her.
Dragged this image onto my desktop last week and now I can't remember who it belongs to! It's definitely from somebody's style blog, and oh how I love this dress. She looks like a little doll, and I absolutely love the understated tights paired with it. A delicate take as appose to the harder edge that the other looks have. Although it still has something gritty about it which is obviously down to the black underwear and nipples on show. Actually, Cocorosie's song Raphael comes to mind. I think that sums it up pretty well. Love!

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Here's what I want 2011 to be like Bloggatrons. Yes, the sixties. Not everyone's cup of tea, but it is mine. Mine with a big digestive biccie dipped in. A shift dress here, a mini skirt there, an explosion of sixties simplicity mixed in with all the genius of Barberella costumes please. Paco Rabanne's futuristic hand at textiles and Mary Quant's pvc paddington bear jackets are a must. Peterpan collars, cloche hats (which I've been googling forever and can't get a proper image! Basically it's a glorified swimsuit hat with a closure around the face, a little like the photo below except less superhero/ criminal and more cute and quirky), wacky panelling, patterned tights, knee-high socks, this list goes on and on and on..
Yes this trend has been peaking through a lot over the last few years, but why get rid of a good thing? I'm a sucker for simple shapes and messy textures which can be incorporated faster than you can say Edie! Let's go the whole hog and resemble one of these lovely ladies..
But not forgetting a pinch, actually a handful, of Barbarella fabulousness. Is that a space helmut in her hand? Oh it is? I'll take it!

I mean, this picture further clarifies the point that todays fashion can be oh so boring. Theres too much conventional and safe. It would be a lie to state there only being two extremes of dress; y'know snoozefest sally (no offensive to the sally's, I just like the way it sounds) versus why is that girl wearing a condom as a necklace? But there are lots of nothing-styles (as well as nice ones too) among the safe and out-there choices. I just think the sixties is the right amount of retro, pretty and chic sewn into a panelled shift dress. Simple, easy and so foxy! I want her stockings.. And the futuristic setting.

The hat I mentioned above which is a little creepy looking, but cool all the same. When I find the image I'm looking for it's going straight into the side-bar gallery joining Edie, Kate, Bjork, Dinosaur and Nico the newbie. Yes, it's that good.

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Top Ten. Twenty Ten. BAM!

After too much thought and consideration I have come up with my top 10 (probably) most listened to and liked tracks of 2010 on my pod! I found this hard, it would've been easier to make a top 20 but I thought I'd keep it traditional. (Also I decided on my post title before any top ten was decided. Strong, eh? )

1. Cocteau Twins, Persephone / Loreli
2. Rihanna, Rude Boy
3. Wild Beasts, We still got the Taste Dancin' on Our Tongues
4. Ariel Pink, Round and Round
5. XX, Infinity
6. Yeasayer, Madder Red
7. Joy Division, She's Lost Control
8. Passion Pit, The Reeling
9. Cinematic Orchestra, That Home
10. Lady Gaga/ Beyonce, Telephone.

Just imagine a few Kate Bush gems in there among the tensies -it would be wrong not to mention dear Kate as she's always close to my ears.

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Happy Belated New Years! Things are becoming manic at the minute with fashion week approaching, exciting and hectic!
That's all for the moment.
Snogs and blogs xxx