Monday, September 27, 2010

StyleBubble -Preen

I shamelessly nabbed a photo of Susie just outside Preen's show at NY Fashion wk. -Being a huge fan of her blog I couldn't-not-ask her, I mean it's susie friggen stylebubble! She was very cool about it, kinda like " ok!" The hairball beside her must have been someone she was intending to photograph coz he was working on that "just out of bed look". Luckily I have that every day bloggatrons. The photo doesn't justify the ridiculousness of her shoes, and I mean that in a great way, I spotted them before I spotted her!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preen, Spring/Summer 2011

Morning bloggatrons! Here are a few backstage images from the Preen show that took place on the sunday of fashion week. Such a fantastic morning setting up the runway (steaming a gazillion ribbons that fell from the ceiling- but oh so worth it) and dressing models. It was such a great jump in NY fashion week after literally leaving the terminal! Well, you know not actually after leaving the termnial but you know what mean. So the show was held in MILK studios in NY- a very cool and very big studio space, which after a quick google tells me that it is infact a communal space shared by a group of artists whos work "stands at the crossroads of the fashion, photography, art and media worlds."

The collection itself was really impressive. A bit more sophisticated than previous, but definitely holds it's edge -not an Amy Winehouse edge, but that's probably for the best. Preen, who for me definitely stand out for their structured pieces, held strong to their roots but introduced a more minimalist, feminine (even bohemian vibe?) running through some of their S/S 2011 looks. The colour palette was squeeky clean, lots of camel tones, pale blues, whiter whites contrasted with a few LB pieces. The tile print, featured in a few floaty numbers, was absolutely yummy! Understated but with maximum effect. However, I think my all-time favourite pieces were the pelmets (little waist belts) which worked perfectly with the printed mid-max skirts and dresses, hence the London edge is given! And so easily. The beading was another hightpoint for me, unfortunetly I have no photos of that though. Have a google and see for yourself! describe it as caviar beading, which sounds too fancy not to mention.

Hope you enjoy the photos!
Kat the queen norwegian model who I was dressing, she was so nice and ridiculous cool. And beautiful. Can't believe she's only been modeling for six months. Best friends please!
Delicious tile print.
beside kat
grey two
Ribbons and Runway.

Must run now, there are plenty of yard-sales to hit, lots of sewing machine and knitting machines to price! And, more importantly, lots of NY to see! It is ridiculously hot over here though, I can't understand it's september?! I hear the winter becomes brutally (a word a NYer used) cold so I should really enjoy it while I can. Wait up NEW YORK, I'm-a-comin!
Snogs and blogs xxx

Edun Spring/Summer 2011

So it's been two weeks since I've arrived with my two other fashionistas in tow, and what a fantastic start it's been! We moved into our apartment, bought beds, discount stored it up for the essentials and then hit Ikea for a table and chairs and rugs to cover a very 1970's lino floor which is actually kinda growing on me. On sunday we got our hands on a huge futon for $50 which was so casually thrown (yes thrown) on top of a passer-bys jeep and brought back to our little humble abode. He even brought it to our door! We live on the fourth floor people. Faith is restored in mankind!
Between all the moving in, cleaning and getting our lives sorted we've dined in delicious places and hit a fantastic street market a couple of blocks from where we live in brooklyn and bought a b.e.autiful leather satchel for $8- real leather. And a polaroid camera for $6! I just love the casualness of it all, mothers and grandmothers trying to clear "stuff" out of their closet, "stuff" that makes me a little weak at my knees and gives me a slight heart-attack when I see that it's priced so cheaply.
All in all, so far, so great.
And now fashion photos from Edun!
What a fantastic job Sharon Wauchob has done transforming a once dowdy brand into a effortlessly edgy label, with a definite attitude. Everything from the collection, runway location to the I Blame Coco diplo remix worked oh so brilliantly. The fabric mix was delicious; ranging from silk prints, laddered knits, poplin shirts and knotted embroidery. (If I got my hands on the collection I would definitely mix menswear and womenswear together pronto, the silk print and laddered menswear knit would be a treat together) There were hints of fairtrade through the collection but nothing too in your face, the beaded/braided accessories were a nice touch and kinda swayed between delicate and urban. -Note hot male model with it flung carelessly over the knit? Hello! Also, how fab are the chunky wooden wedges? The gravel runway drew just enough attention to the shoes for me to rightly fall in love with them.
It's definitely not a trend-driven collection, there are a few show-stoppers but I mainly love the contemporary looks which focused on key shapes layered to perfection. And the mark fast'esq laddered jumpers were fab and slotted into the collection nicely. The whole undertone of the show definitely had a cool factor- the grafitti scrawled walls in the abandoned warehouse under a subway station only added to the atmosphere. K gotta run but enjoy pics!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Landed. Landed! Landed!!!

Touchdown Bloggatrons!
Flew in late wednesday night after a long ear popping flight- Libster, Babz and I are now hotel residents for a few days while we apartment hunt... Which by the way is going much better than thought?! Security Deposit down on a fab place already eek!
Approval please Mr.Landlord.

Exciting weekend ahead; Edun fashion show today with babzer. Working backstage with Preen tomorrow. It's amazing what full stops can do to a sentence, isn't it? I think we need a little more of these guys !!!! NY FASHION WEEK!!!
Photos will be taken bloggatrons, even if I have to sneak into a dressing rail.

later bloggatronsxxx

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Yoik! New Yoik!


My lack of posting is ridiculous! I can't apologise enough. I have reasons for my absence bloggatrons. First of all, my laptop crashed a month ago, which was beyond sad. The little guy got me through the long days and late nights at college, who knew a dodgy dvd bought in Thailand could end our three year relationship? Secondly, I've been working hard on my portfolio, taking photos of work, making it look presentable for interviews etc. Aswell as all that working hard to fund my visa to NY!

The adventure is starting tomorrow with babz and libster in tow, can't believe it's come around so fast. I will be updating my blog as much as I can, it may not be as much as I'd like but once I get a new laptop friend Bloggamonsta will be back on track! Must run now- more packing to do, more goodbyes to be said, Eek!

Oh Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in...
Snogs and blogs xxx