Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saving for a caravan.

Hello Bloggatrons!

Soz bout the lack of posts for the last few days, I've been a busy bee. Had a girlie night last night for rachys bday which was jammin. We had Cosmos, Prosecco and wine; not a very good combination for someone with sinus problems but it felt really good at the time! And thats all that matters.
Sooooo... What is going on in the world of Bloggamonsta? Well at the mo' I'm making copius amounts of bibs, place matts and gloves for the local craftfair. Ya gotta make a livin' somehow! I'm really enjoying it though, I even said to Lobster yesterday if I could have a semi comfortable life making and selling little crafty things I would do it in a heartbeat. I'd buy a nice ole caravan and travel around the world with music blaring. Oh what would you be blaring bloggamonsta? It would have to be this little beauty...

I'm also loving Shakira's song that she performed at the MTV Berlin awards, "Did it again"- it is such a great song and the video is amazing. The woman can move in so many ways, its maddness! Can't upload it unfortunetly coz youtube have weird regulations, I don't think they like sharing her with the monsta. But another song which I'm loving (and couldn't be further from Shakira) is Arctic Monkeys nembie. It is fantastic! The song is called Cornerstones, you gotta give it a few listens coz its a grower, but for me the video has made that love grow and grow even more. Simple and retro with just alex in a wolly red jumper infront of a white screen and singing into a dated voice recorder with a satchel strap and oversized earphones! Wait its too good, I'll try and upload a photo...

How brill is that? Friggen excellent!
So thats all I really have for you right now. Gotta get back to my bib making, might upload a few photos of them later! Oh, might just do a fashion section later! Excitement!

I hope the rain will go away soon. Jesus its like the end of the world here. It literally has not stopped raining since monday and then the world cup incident happened. The Emerald Isle was gone loco. I couldn't really give a monkeys about soccer but it was on in the background when me and t.bag were discussing blogging business (yes we are cool in real life) and lobster had a mini heartattack when the handball occured, it seemed unfair. Thats all I have to say on that matter.

Ill hopefully post later bloggatrons!
Love and hugs,
Bloggamonsta xxxxx

Monday, November 16, 2009

Two door cinema club!grrrrreat!

Hello followers!

This is just a short post coz I'm a tired monsta but I had to share this great band with you. Heard them on the radio today and they are fantastic- Sir Tom Dunne's replacement is doing well. Researched them on youtube for the last hour and they're really really good! The guitar and the little shouts here and there remind me of the The Foals, which is not a bad thing since I'm a big Foals fan. The song that I'm posting is the one that got me interested; I Can Talk- Love the video! Wardrobetastic and the front guy looks like a 12 years old! Could it get any better? I think not.

I think when you listen to it you'll know what I'm talking about with the Foals sound. Oh and if you're loving them check out another song of theirs called Undercover Martyn, another goodie!

Good night bloggatrons!
Snogs and blogs,
Bloggamonsta xxxxx

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yay!Shake it to break it!

Hello again!

I'm just so happy the pictures uploaded in (kinda) the right places! I think we should have a vid to celebrate. I also drove like a professional today on the real roads,however I did stall on a hill start but I survived and thats the important thing. Oh and if you remember from my first post, my brain was all mushy and I couldn't finish a book that I had been reading for a ridiculously long time....Well! Its finito!And now I'm starting a new one! Jodi Picoult- nineteen minutes, gotta love the weepers. Anywho this ain't not book club, lets get down to business. So I'm not the biggest fan of this guy but I friggen love this song! Saw him live in Ibiza and he did a jammin remix of La Roux, In for the Kill but I can't find it anywhere! This is a real shaker, unfortunetly I'm not heading out to shake it. Actually I'm lying, I'm delighted I'm not headin out which makes me even more a loser. Enjoy!

Fashion Inspiration&beyond

Hello bloggatrons!

Well its been a few days since my last blog, I finally left the house! Yay! So I have been thinking fashion recently. Since graduating a few weeks ago I wanted to put things in perspective. Life has definitely slowed down alot more since finishing college which is great but when you're used to going at such a speed and creating every day it is weird to be out of that structured timetable. Its nice to be able to think about creating at a slower pace instead of throwing stuff out that you have to make yourself believe in.

So I'm trying hard to figure out which designers I really love. Its so easy to love collections because when they're fantastic they can completely change the way you look at clothes and at the risk of sounding like a cheeseball, they can inspire you. The designers that come to mind at the moment are Louis Vuitton(Marc Jacobs, head designer)
Commes de Garcon, Mark Fast, Alexander Wang, Louise Goldin, Holly Fulton (newbie), Margiela, Rick Owens, Y-3 and Vivienne Westwood. All totally different but I admire them all. So what do I love about these designers?!

Well I really love a graphic print and I'm a total sucker for texture; anything that feels weird, that sparkles, has an element of ugly or unworldly gets me! Structure is something that has jumped out at me throughout college but nothing I would spend time developing. Weird necklines, elongated sleeve length, armholes for legs, humpback jumpers, hello? The world would be at a loss without fashion!

So I'd like to start with the newbie Holly Fultan, textile designer, who showed her collection at Fashion East and was crowned by as the "Breakout Star" this year and holy moley is her stuff good.

Totally Funk. It has a real Art Deco meets Tron feel to the embroidered oversized tees, shift dreeses, printed blouses and panelled circuit trousers. Can I have a slice please? It reminds me of the knitwear designer Louise Goldin's work who has never failed to inspire me throughout my four years of fashion. Although Fultan's work has more of a boldness about it. Probably due to the different use of fabric and design detail.

While we're on the subject of Fashion East, Michael Van der Ham is pretty nifty aswell, I discovered his collection a month or two ago but never put the name to the clothing. His interesting cutting techniques and gorgeous colours used for his patchy, unbalanced edgy collection create a new kind of fashion in a weirdly simple way. He actually won the New Gen award.

Three other designers which I mentioned above and that I feel share a common bond are Alexander Wang, Mark Fast and Rick Owens. I love the darkness each of these designers share. They all have an element of gothic urban clothing, and throw in a bit of sporty for the mix. Yes even Mark Fast. Theres just something very wearable about their collections but its also a bit of luxurious attitude! Mark Fast's knitwear dresses? Oh. Lord. I'd give my baby finger for one of those pieces. Sexy, gothic, a bit of mystery -a covered nipple here,a bare nipple there. His collection oozes sex appeal. There was actually media hype over him using plus size models. However, there wasn't much plusness about any of them...but you got to love the guy for promoting more flesh on bones!

Alexander Wang is like a designer for the youth culture, his clothing has a ridiculously understated coolness to each and every piece. Saw a delicious bag of his that I couldn't afford recently. At least I got to hold it. But the detail, fabric and linings used were yummy. Buying it would mean a piece of coolness for life! I guess I'll never be that cool.

Rick Owens is another designer which I adore for the same reasons. His fabric mixtures are so simple but makes such a big impact; his butter leather and jersey fitted biker jackets from two seasons ago exceded my expectations in Printemps, Paris.

Wow! Looks like this blog is gonna be the biggest so far! Anyway I won't be too much longer...So Westwood and Commes De Garcon...well I could really just leave it there. Theres nothing much else left to say! Both amazing designers. Westwood I've only really come to love recently. Not that I ever disliked her. I guess I just never really followed her hugely, but as weird as it is to admit her ad campaign with Pamela Anderson recruited me as a number one fan. Oh the power of advertising! Buts its just so random? It shouldn't work-Viv and Pam? But it does! Regarding the design aspect; her draping, prints, colour stories are all so rich, tribal and vibrant. Each piece created is unique. I think this is something Westwood and Garcon share. Theres a real individual angle to each of his pieces. Its like owning a piece of art.

Oh to own a piece of his wearable art...sigh. My first and only time seeing his clothing up close was last year in Galeries Lafayette and I totally fell in love with the hexagon sleeveless jacket, I think there was a football used for inspiration or did I dream that up? I just loved the raw edges and the uneveness of his designs.

So there you go bloggatrons! That was alot longer than I expected, it just shows what can be achieved with X Factor playing in the background. I really enjoyed reflecting on all my fav designers of the moment, hopefully if these uploads work I'll make it regular segament for my bloggatrons. If the pics don't come up just type in the names and have a google!

Over and out followers.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

How did I not see this?

Hello bloggatrons!

Well I was just fishing on youtube yesterday and came across the video for YYYs song Heads will roll- how did I not ever see the video? Its so friggen brill! Love the mouseman! And Karen O looks delish, especially in the last scene when shes chopped into pieces. I never really got into the new album though; Zero, Heads will Roll, Soft Shock and Hysteric was as far as I went. Although Hysteric is on constant replay on my ipod at the momento. Fever to Tell and Is Is EP were absolutely worn out from me playing them so much. Hmmmmm its a thinker. Maybe I'm subconsciously being a music snob and preferred it when the YYYs were a little less well known, or maybe the album is just not the best.

The same goes for the Kings of Leon, the last album they released was shiticus! Actually thats a little harsher than how I feel bout the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Its Blitz... But it was. The only song that was remotely Kings like was the first on the album Closer and I guess Use Somebody was a little catchy. And what happened to them? Celebrity killed the killer coolies! Like what was the video for Sex on fire? What is the song Sex on fire? Terrible.

Anyway I totally got off the point! Hope you enjoy this little doozy, not the newest but something that has to be seen if you haven't already. Enjoy bloggatronios!

love and hugs,

Bloggamonsta xxxx

Friday, November 6, 2009

Jeff Aerosol

Graffiti me!

Hello fellow bloggatrons!

I haven't forgotten bout the fashion section of this blog, just haven't gotten around to it yet. I did however come across some great photos of Jeff Aersol's graffiti work which I took in Paris two years ago on a fabric buying trip. I think they should be shared.

You gotta love graffiti! I would so love to be able to do stencil graffiti, its so friggen cool. Joined the library yesterday and although they had a very suspect collection of art books I found two great books on graffiti! Gees i've typed the word graffiti an awful lot. Anyways I'm babbling.

Ooooo may just upload a song, stay tuned followers!

Love and hugs,


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The XX

Hello followers!

Gees I really can't get enough of this blog! I tried to wait until the evening to make it look like I have more important things to do, but alas i don't...

So pickin my next video was a toughie. Theres so much good stuff out at the momento, lovin that Harry Brown theme song, along with Black Eyed Peas new doozy! -Very Empire of the Sun/ MGMT'ish. There is also a crackin cover of the Rolling Stones song Wild Horses by Susan Boyle.

I decided on The XX, and even then I was torn between two songs; Islands and Crystalised- both totally gorgeous and atmospheric. In the end the Crystalised video won, partly because I wasn't sure if the other was official or not. But definetly check out Islands, I played it until the cd melted. Not really!

I thought the girl singer was gay but according to T-bag and Lobster the lyrics and sexual tension(?) between her and the guy singer is ridiculously obvious. I'm not really sure.

Hope you enjoy!

Over and out followers,

Bloggamonsta xxx

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marina and the diamonds

Yay! It worked!

I think this is a perfect video to start off my blog. Fun, Quirky and a bit of a jumper. Love this girl, just discovered her a few weeks back from my old roomie viv (...i miss u :(...) and I haven't stopped listenin to her! May have to dig deep in the ole pocket to buy her album!

And how brill is the video? Her crinkle paper legs are my fav! At the start of the song it looks like she has hoves; genius. Who doesn't want hoves? I love her collar piece aswell.

If you like this song you'll love "I am not a robot", the video is very Kate Bush-esque which is never a bad thing. Unless it is done badly. In this case it isin't!

Enjoy followers!

love and hugs,
Bloggamonsta xxxx


Hello all!

This is the first blog for bloggamonsta! I got to say its pretty exciting.
So, a rundown about myself... I'm 23, Fashion Design Graduate; since last week! goodbye student life:( Hoping to move to New York in mid 2010 with my two other fashionistas Libster and Babz.

I'm a huge music fan and I love to think that I have discovered a gem before anyone else. Maybe not always true....but I will continue to think that way! The whole blog idea was inspired by my friend t.bag who set up a blog reviewing painting exhibitions around Ireland. I just thought it was such a great hobby and creative outlet. Also I feel like my mind is slowly turning to mush without having any thesis or projects to do; I've been trying to read a 400 page book since september and I'm only half way through. eek.

Anyway besides all that, the main aim of the blog is to stop me from talking to myself. ha! Joke! Even though I'm hoping the blog will help...

I'm going to post music videos, fashion related articles, pictures, runway shows that i like, street style etc. You never know i might inspire somebody out there to enjoy a different kind of music or style!

Now I need to find out how to upload stuff...

Wish me luck!

Love and hugs,