Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nerd Glasses Part 2

Zooop! Zooop! Found my nerd glasses -Tom Ford Extravaganza. Oh hello lover...
nerd glassses!

For some reason, the model really reminds me of April from the Teenage Mutant Turtles? So I had a google and it's obviously the yellow jumpsuit.
I'd really love April's jumpsuit. And her microphone.

Soooo v.short post, I'll do better tomorrow! In the meantime enjoy the oldie but a goodie...


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nasir Mazhar

Fashion East is possibly the coolest show on earth. I really mean it, well right now I mean it. Maybe there'll be something cooler in a month or a year. Actually I highly doubt it. Because Fashion East isn't just your regular seasonal collection. Yes, it is a fashion show, but it's like a haven for up and coming design talent. The thing I love about Fashion East is the range of designers that have been chosen to exhibit their work. I love it coz it's like tracking their progress, and in a way making it look quite possible for design grads like me to have a label if you really work hard enough? Cheesy line? Maybe. I really like the element of college about it, a few designers from all different backgrounds and experiences all together in one big show. Side by side (well not on catwalk, but backstage..) taking on the fashion world, trying to get recognition for the hours upon hours of hard work. And yep, they always seem to deliver. Fashion East know how to pick 'em! So much so that, you end up missing a gem of a designer because you're so focused on the other gem you're loving. Enter, Nasir Mazhar. While I was busy loving Holly Fulton and Michael Van Der Ham, I missed out on Mazhar. When you see his collection you'll be like "how could she possibly have missed out on that?" (theres alot of pink hair extensions) but I did and now it's time to appreciate!
Check out these doozies from Dazed Digital, no pink hair I'm afraid...

nasir mazhar1
LOVE. Love. LoVe. LOVe. lOVe. LOVE! LOve To ABOVE.

In a nutshell; A former hair dresser that got bored of the limitations of hair and fascinated by the Rude Boys and Rude Girls in the EastEnd, a designer who wanted to incorporate more milliner techniques into hair and counts Lady Gaga as a fan. Remember her lamp shade head piece and the silver orbit around her head? Yep, well that's Mazhar! For those of you who don't know, have a google. For those of you who do, have permission to think I'm v.slow on the uptake!


Mackness Love


So I splashed out on ID yesterday, it was a bit of an impulse buy which is pretty risky since ID can be hit or miss. Luckily for me and my purse though, it's quite good. I love reading little interview blurbs about new design talent, the likes of Heikki Salonen (who I'd like to have a fabric baby with) and Laura Mackness are two of designers featured, along with Michael Van Der Ham, David Koma, Louise Gray and plenty more.
Laura Mackness is a real eye catcher though, her designs connect humour and minimalism so brilliantly. Lots of hand drawn prints of eye lashes, hands, boobs, eyes which are placed in random areas onto the clean cut designs; eyelash kness, hands on boobs, eyes on get the drift.
laura mackness6
laura mackness5
A former Peter Jenson intern, which isn't at all surprising, they absolutely share the same aesthetic of fundamental design and quirky detailing. I got a major Jenson feel from the printed belt on this jacket...
laura mackness4
She is currently stocking her men/women collaboration for Swedish label Weekday, a more diffused line from her much loved CSM MA collection(above). And oh lord is it gorge! Jersey t's(Say no more,I'm sold), dresses, leggings with the same'ish colour story and funfunfun prints. Apparently the collection is now being stocked alongside Jenson's collaboration. Niceeeee. Heres a few images from the Weekday Lookbook. I don't think Love was mentioned enough in this post? I LOVE!
laura mackness weekday
laura mackness weekday.jpg2

Also, how cool is her name?! She could be a superhero, y'know something like The Mackness ...

(Above images from and Google)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Maybe I will, GOSH!

Hi bloggatrons!

So I got thinking about Nerd Glasses yesterday after a trip to Topman with t.bag, cancan and babz. A part of me really wants to embrace the trend that has been around for nearly a year, but then the other part feels like they've always been a bit try-hard? Yeah, yeah, yeah don't take fashion so seriously blah blah, buuut it would be so much easier to jump on board if I even remotely needed glasses on some level. To just put them on my face for such an obvious trend wouldn't make me feel so cool. So then I got thinking, I could reinvent myself when I move to NY! Yep I could be me, but me who struggles to see without her nerdy glasses? I think I'm onto something here, and so I've had a little look around. These two are from UO, I like the second pair alot.

urban outfitters

urban outfitters buddy

I almost feel like buying them now! Cue relatives; "Bloggamonsta, I never knew you needed glasses?" To which Bloggamonsta replies "Oh yes I have been suffering for quite a while now. My optician even recommended I get the extra large ones." Ha! Nah... I'll wait till NY.

While we're on the subject of glasses, check out these beauties from UO women, Karen Walker's creation for UO which retails at £170 big ones. Eek. I think I'll wait for it to trickle down to highstreet. Karen Walker and Linda Farrow kinda share the same style aesthetic, don't they? The love is strong for both.
urban out girl
(Above images from

Snogs, blogs xx

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vintage Cheese

Hi bloggatrons!

The Emerald Isle is once again wet wet wet. But warm. Nice walking weather, or jogging, if one was into that sort of thing. So after watching a snipet of the MTV movie awards last night; Will Ferrel (being unusually not v.funny) and Mark Wahlberg (being abnormally annoying), it got me thinking bout the Calvin ad- y'know the talk of the 90's with Marky Mark and Kate moss? Had a little youtube and found the masterpiece which can definitely be filed under Vintage! Maybe Vintage Cheese? Marky Mark is straddling the line between hot and cringe. The love is strong though, if there is ever an ad that encapsulates the 90s, it's this.. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

C is for Crafty

Hi Bloggatrons!

Just a short post with pics of my placematts I whipped up for bloggasis and bloggabro's girlfriend. Yep, I think if I could make a living selling placematts and other crafty sort (possibly out of the back of a caravan?) I'd be v.happy. Hope you like them! I find it quite relaxing, just like doodling on a page. Maybe Stoodling (stitch + doodle)? Nah. Must get into design now, procrastination has been lingering around here way too long. Be gone! Heres to a good day of work tomorrow.







Bloggamonsta xxx

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