Friday, January 29, 2010

P for Purchases.

Here are a few purchases from londontown! I'm trying hard to save save save for NY so I put myself on a budget. I vowed I wouldn't buy any more clothes until NY, unless my house burnt down (or if I was robbed), so accessories it is! Don't take much notice to the sneaky t-shirt that found it's way into my suitcase. The little bitch.

Ok so starting off; got these three necklaces in Bik Bok on sale; 3 for £5. I haven't stopped wearing the pink donut! Weird since the donut and the bedazzled keyring were just hanger-on'ers since all I really wanted was Lucky5.

Spitalfields purchase. I'd like to live in a tent in Spitalfields if they'd let me. This is a printed VCR Broach; £3 Cute on my bag, cardie or t.shirt.

The next two purchases are from a duo called Typical Freaks (yummy looking boy and girl, intimadatingly cool styles and nice friendly faces), I had to be torn away from their stall. EVERYTHING is kick ass! My two budget buys don't even justify how great their stuff is... check out their website
Clips; £1, Necklace; £5

This is the little guy that snuck into my bag and rightly so. Bought in Spitalfields and priced at £7. Lobster jumped on the Ttrain and got himself one with a choir print which I will be stealing v.soon and wearing as a dress! Two T's were bought at £13.


Bloggasista's christmas gift to herself; bought before xmas. I just had to post a photo of this designer's work. The stall is still alive with headbands and statement necklaces; b.e.a.utiful, brilliantly made and comfortable. It's hard to get a comfy headband- you know one that doesn't cut off the blood supply! All her pieces are perfect for every occasion; whether it's a wedding, night out or a (stylish) walk. Most pieces were priced around the £10- £12 but well worth every penny. I'm regretting not buying one now. EEk. Found her stall in Brick Lane market on Saturday and Sunday Upmarket on Sunday, second floor.

And last but not least! £3; Bargain Bin. Rokit. Brick Lane. Hasn't come off my head! Meant for bloggabro's!

Bloggamonsta xxx

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Balletic, Photographed by Ben Toms, Styled by Katie Shillingford

Just as I was about to sign off I rambled onto Dazed and Confused and found myself a beautifully shot photoshoot with fantastical textures in a nude palette. Love the grungey/raggamuffin/dead look, I'd like to be best friends with these cool cats.

Ben Toms and Katie Shillingford celebrates the raw edges and powdery textures of this spring.

Hope you enjoy! Signing off, Bloggamonsta xxx
(Images+above quote thanks to

SICK, Redchurch Street, London.

I really should have kept the blog updated from day to day(thats how the professionals do it) but I was having too much fun to sit down at a computer. I realise that all these posts will be on top of eachother but I'm hoping it'll be just me(and my weird head) that will find it irritating. If I irritate any of you bloggatrons I apologise.

Anyhu...Another vintage store that I got to take a few photos in is SICK- just a few doors down from speedie's. It was a regular for me in London when interning, sometimes a little pricey but you were gauranteed a fricken cool piece. I still wear my square-cut oversized mickey mouse t-shirt from two years ago- 20 snoops but still being worn! This time they've introduced a £1 bed on the bottom floor; yep, everything on the bed is £1! I wasn't so much in the mood for excavating through what looked like a clothes explosion but just being back in SICK- with their wacky displays of mannequins dressed in bondage gear and gas masks, old school toys, t-shirts with bedazzled penises and the most fabulous fur jacket I've ever seen- was enough to keep smiling for the rest of the day. It's like a hoarding ground and for someone like me who has hoarding tendencies it's heaven!

Fact; Steph Raynor who owns SICK, previously owned a shop called BOY London- something which helped kick off the Punk movement along with Westwood/McClaren's infamous shop SEX in the 1970s.

I wonder why the place is so quiet everytime I'm in there, granted it's not everyday-more like every month or two- but is it still an undiscovered gem? If so, I'm shocked. But slightly happy.

Bloggamonsta xxx

Speedie's, Redchurch Street, London

Yahlo Bloggatrons!
Post numero uno from Landon Landon! First stop on the way to Bricklane was this retrotastic shop called Speedie's- the guy was kind enough to let me take a few photos inside which made me v.happy since it is most definitely a place I'd like to remember and for all you guys to see. It's like a step back in time; vintage maximus! Items ranging from the 1960's to the 1980's; retro patterned wall paper, a wall dedicated to "Top of the Pops" magazine covers, the golden oldie television sets(that have wooden framing), record players and an old style vaccum cleaner. There was also a rack of vintage pieces which were indeed musty and stylish. A definite must-see if you're in London for an adventure. Actually one of my fave pieces was in the window display- a mini retro tv set with 1960's Star Trek playing, check out the glorious William Shatner below..

Thank you Mr. Speedie!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Alexander Mcqueen 2010 Spring campaign.

Hi bloggatrons!

I didn't want to leave it more than a week in between posts, thats a sign of a very uninterested blogger- and that I am not! I've been a busy bee this week and I'm in London for the weekend so the bloggamonsta is a go-go. Regular posts (ya know a little bit more personal) will be back to normal midweek, my eyes and ears are open to underground trends emerging and my finger is on the camera clicker so stay tuned bloggatrons.

In the meantime have a look at McQueen's 2010 Sping campaign, it took me a while to see the model all tangled up in those snakes! However, I didn't have a problem spotting the delicious shoes. -It's weird, in my last post I was writing about how it's easy to appreciate the beauty of designer pieces but hard to find a wearability factor, well McQueen is a perfect example of that for me. When I first saw these shoes I was in awe but I thought to myself it'll never cross over to highstreet WELL (sorry it's a long time coming) after seeing this beautiful campaign with the shoes in lime green I can safely say I eat my words. Give me a pair please McQueen!

(Thank you

Bloggamonsta xxx

Saturday, January 16, 2010

David Koma, Spring/Summer 2010

Signature Style David Koma? “Sculptural shapes, heavy embellishment and a perfect fit.”

A total genius! His dresses have been worn by Rihanna, Beyonce and Cheryl Cole(even though I have to say, didn't love it on Cheryl-think she styled it with over the knees and it just didn't work). He won the Vauxhall Fashion Scout merit award for his Spring/Summer 2010 collection inspired by sculptures of Nikki de Saint-Phalle and organic shapes which leads to a delcious group of 60's inspired dresses with exagerrated shoulders and what not.

The silhouettes his garments create are amazing! And god the glass embellishment he uses, brings this collection to another level. The colour story really works; orange, blue, pink, green contrasted against a backdrop of black and white. And the fabrics include; leather, wool, cotton, jersey and silks. You could definitely wear this collection which makes it all the better, you know sometimes you can only appreciate the work of some designers without the collection having a wearability factor? Well not here! Love for David Koma! Roll on London Fashion Week, apparently his inspiration is based around geometry. Can't wait to see the end result, I will most definitely be keeping you all informed bloggatrons!

(First five shots are all thanks to Dazed and Confused;

Bloggamonsta xxx

Friday, January 15, 2010

She Comes in Waves, Elise Helene by Felix Wong

Photoshoot Alert Bloggatrons!

Slightly Cyberpunk and I love it. Garments, model and styling- all fantastic. I really love Elise Helene's hair colour too, (wonder if a brunette could take that colour?), perfect model for this kind of photoshoot. Looks like she could be a character in Blade Runner! Love the texture on the dress in image four and the cyber-contemporary styling in the last look is simply lovely. Hope you enjoy!

(All hail Heidi Ackerman)

For all the lovers, the full photoshoot can be found on Cheek magazine.

Bloggamonsta xxx

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Miu Miu I want you!

Hey Bloggatrons!

Lately, I haven't stopped thinking about the Miu Miu embellished socks. I went through a knee high sock faze about 5 years ago so you know when you've done it, you're kind of over it? Well the love has grown strong again and it's all thanks to Miu Miu! And the weather. It's been so bad (I spent monday and tuesday in a house with no heating) that alot of focus was drawn to my frosty feet. If only I had these, my feet would be smokin' hot! They're priced around €290 I think, which deserves an EEK! So I think my trusty DIY hands will be taking over. Maybe an ankle sock pair would be cute? Oh the possibilities!

Miu Miu Autumn/Winter 2009

Bloggamonsta xxx

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lisanne De Jong-Shot by Andrea Spotorno for Dazed+Confused

Had to upload these fab (behind the scenes) photos of the rising model Lisanne De Jong, quirky grunge couldn't be done much better than this. Looks like theres a new Aggy in town!

The rest of the behind the scenes photoshoot can be found on Enjoy!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Alexandre Herchcovitch S/S 2010, Louise Goldin S/S 2010, Topshop

Hi bloggatrons!

Another snowday and it's only meant to get worse..ugh. I think you know you're getting old when you want the snow to melt. But at least this means another fashion related post! There's nothing better than reading up on fashion when the weather is shit outside. Purchased Elle UK and Elle US for the train home from lobster's yesterday and I have to admit (putting the two beside eachother) Elle UK most definitely kicks ass in the fashion reporting. There's alot more "about the house" in Elle US and not enough Fashion, and it's all very squished- anyway that's neither here nor there.

So....FASHION! Found a number of delicious pieces that I wanna post about. Interesting for all to see. Someone I'm really interested in this season is Alexandre Herchcovitch. His Spring/Summer 2010 football themed collection is kick-ass. OMG the fricken leather football clutch is painfully cool. There are slight simalarities with Alexander Wang but maybe that's only the sporty aspect, but they definitely share an underground youth culture vibe. Have a look... (I'm afraid the photo of the leather clutch is the best I could get)

Hello my main woman Louise Goldin! It's amazing, the fashion industry moves so quickly that sometimes you forget the ones you love. Did I say Forget? Forget is a very strong word.
Anyways I got a VERY big reminder of the love I have for Goldin when flicking through Elle US yesterday. Her Spring/Summer 2010 collection is inspired by Versace's mid-nineties advertising campaigns and Jean Paul Gaultier's pointy bra influence in Madonna's 1990's tour. Random? Yes. But look at the end result...Fantastic.

The shoes should really have a post all of their own. They are just beyond the beyond!! Goldin will be stocking her diffused shoe collection in Topshop on February 5th for £150 a pop. Wouldn't want to be in there when a fight breaks out, simply because you could die. This is the first shoe collection for Louise Goldin and it's pretty fantastic that instead of going straight to Harrod's,Selfridges or BT's it's finding it's first home on the highstreet!

(Louise Goldin Spring/Summer 2010 show shoes)

(Louise Goldin's diffused collection for Topshop)

Bloggamonsta xxx