Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aguilera? Not cool.

Happy July Bloggatrons!

Cannot believe it's July already? Crazy! Purchased my visa on friday, so NY is in sight! Babz, Libster and I will be NY bound in September, yep so long Emerald Isle, hello big apple! Woah, lots of exclamation for the road? ! So lots and lots to organise before I go; like portfolio, cv, driving test (eek), money making plan (winning the lottery, selling hot water bottles to Igloo people, or socks to frogs etc) all in the name of fashion. And fun. And bagels.

So whats been going on in my head since my last post? Not much to be honest. I've just been sewing and eating nice food with lobster and his sister. But this morning I came across Christina Aguilera's new song and it's one of those videos where you question yourself and your morals, y'know like; Am I a prude? Am I becoming old and boring? Am I a feminist?? Am I becoming, dare I say it, uncool (ie. old/ boring)? But no. The video is just really bad. It's so obviously try-hard in every way; Slutty dresscode? check. Slutty dancing in a church? check. Girl on girl snogging? Check. Everything is a bit Pseudo-cool? Kinda like Lady Gaga and her try-hard Alejandro nun outfit (note; I really like the song, oh and her suspenders and nude underwear combo), but the cross print on her crotch? It's so evidently bad-ass, and not original. Hello Madonna circa 1980! But as I said I really like the Alejandro song.

Aguilera's song is barely mediocre, and her video is more like a porno -(this is why I question a little femininism, but I'm no bra-burner bloggatrons), no creative originality, it's like a bad eurovision entry. It's kinda like she decided lets just make it over the top sexy, do lots of racy things and I'll just crawl around in the latest fashion. And I get the whole leotard craze, it's empowering and sexy, and of course you need a bangin' body, -Beyonce and Gaga work it v.well. But there's something really cheap about Aguilera's attempt? Too many diamonds and the colour white; dresscode, background, hair. I think she could eat a sandwich too. I did love the plastic trench in the girl on girl scene though, but thats about all of it. Hopefully she'll get back to her Candyman roots or the Dirrty days! Or maybe the next song will be better. Or maybe her time has passed? Who knows. Anyhu! Rant is over. Here's one for the road from the queen of creativity and the person they ALL look to for inspiration. (This is from 1978 people)

Bloggamonsta xxx

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