Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July please, I'm on my knees..


Eek July postage doesn't look so good, I'll try and improve this by next week. It's been a hectic past two weeks, spent the weekend in London and had a glorious party with glorious people! So I've been thinking 'bout personal style posts for a while now and I thought I'd try and get myself into gear and shove a few out there! I'm a gal about comfort mostly but I like quirky pieces to kick it up a notch, whether that's brought about through accessories, jewellery, manipulating the clothes by knotting, layering, ripping etc.
Anywho... nothing fancy just walking up Columbia Rd with Bloggasis.
Cheap and Cheerful; Jumpsuit- Matalan, Sunglasses+ Oversized denim shirt(knotted, I'm a bit obsessed with knotting at the mo)- Pennys (aka Primark), Pumps- Peacocks, Battered geek glasses- Tatty Devine, Radio Bag- Pressie from Bloggasis's travels in Thailand, Belt stolen from mother.

Didn't buy anything crazy in LDN, as I always say it's money saving time. Eek, nearly crunch time. Did get some delish nail varnish on offer in Barry M though! Always good. Oh I'm actually wearing it in the photo above!

A more interesting post coming soon...
Snogs and blogs xxx


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  3. Hey Carrie,

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