Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nolan Pics

Morning bloggatrons!
I'm a little fuzzy headed from the $ glasses of wine last night in a delish thai restaurant in St Mark's Place. -Don't think we were too interested in the name of the place unfortunately , it was more the $1 signs that stuck out. It was so yummy and ridiculously priced. For example; 3 main dishes, 6 glasses of wine, 3 chang beers and two desserts= $50.50. I had to ask t.bag this morning if infact that was true to memory, and it was. What a perfect start to a not-so-planned boozy night.
I'll post it if I find out the name because it is definitely worth a date-night! Date-night? Oh how very american of me.
Update; Lychee, 126 Saint Marks Pl.

So here are a few photos of work from Nolan jewellery at the Prince St market between Mercer and Mulberrry -really great market by the by, some markets are too jammed with stalls and don't have much in terms of quality pieces but Prince must have some sort of selection process because 90% is fab! Love the quirkiness of these pieces, I'd like a painted skull and a heavey duty bullet necklace please. The Nolan store is on 2 Prince which is definitely worth a look, such great pieces, kinda reminds me of the good ole days of Topshop (y'know smaller space, less mass mass production) - hats off to the buyer! Oh also great sample sales each week, the joys.
Day off today so it's adventure time! Babz and I are hitting a shop called Rainbow. It's kind of like Penny's/Primark but dare I say, it might be better. Put the Primark pump down...
Later bloggatrons xxx

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