Monday, March 8, 2010

Two Door Cinema Club Gig


It's been a few days, I apologise. To have Rihanna pop up as the first post to my blog for so long was never my intention. But I have to admit I have listened to that song a ridiculous amount of times so I can't be too snobby. T.bag and I had an ole natter about it on thursday and he thinks that she has more of a right to that look than MIA because of her Barbados roots? Maybe so, but if she put more of an original spin on it it wouldn't look so obviously ripped off. "Ouch Bloggamonsta that was cutting" says T.bag. "Oh I'm sorry" says Bloggamonsta.

So there was a little gigging on thursday night; lobster, t.bag and I (aka the three banditeers or bandits, I haven't decided yet) went to see the Two Door Cinema Club with a band called Kowalski supporting. It was a fun night of little bouncy tunes sang by young looking school boys. The place was packed and they said little quirky things like "Hi we're To Doir Cinama Cloub from Banggor" in there lovely Northern Irish accent.

Apparently, they're a band to look out for in 2010; signed to a french label called Kitsune Music which released bands like Bloc Party and The Foals. We kinda came to the conclusion that alot of money is being poured into them; the amount of guitar changes they had was mental for a little gig in the roisin, they had those little ear piece things and packs and t.bag thought they all looked quite styled to that no-stylist perfection. They were really tight as a band though and the guitarist(he reminds me of Father Dougal) was pretty amazing but they did sing over a backing track once or twice which was a little dissapointing for the monsta. The support band Kowalski were v.good. And the drummer was quite yummy. I have photos which I'll upload when I find my camera connection. In the meantime here's a few from google!

Two Door Cinema Club having sandwiches.


They're all working the outdoorsy look quite well!

Later bloggatrons! xxx

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