Friday, March 26, 2010

We Still Got the Taste Dancing on our Tongues


My life was moved in a pretty dramatic way last night! Yes I know, a powerful statement but it's true. The three banditeers(bloggabro took the place of lobster, sorry lobster) took on the villagers and the wild beasts- A FANTASTIC gig (Caps Lock never lies). T-bag even said it was in his Top 5 best gigs and he's quite hard to please. Bloggabro, who is quite the wild beast stalker, also enjoyed it v.much.

The villagers; a one-man band I've heard little about definitely started the bloggamonsta's night off to a good note. Pun-intended! A guy from Dublin, who reminded me of an elf and a little bit of alex turner. He heavily pronounced all his S's and C's, and did this amazing dog howl in one song. -A highlight for me. His voice was just incredible! The band and him were really tight, it was like they created a wall of sound, with the villager nearly being hit by the guitar a few times in the process.

Note: I don't particularly like using the word "tight", I think it belongs to people who can play instruments, and who know the proper meaning of "tight". For me, tight just means no obvious mistakes good.

Wild beasts came on not so long after and were equally as great! I've listened to the album on and off for the last few weeks but after seeing them live it's been on constant replay all day! A sign of how good the gig was I think. The delicous old-hollywood looking main singer with the high pitched voice (kinda reminded me of anthony and the johnsons) was b.e.a.utiful in every sense of the word. The guitartist(who was also jammin) had this elaborate quiff while the bass/singer had a chunky cable knit cardigan that I wanted to steal. I also wanted these;

(Old-Hollywood's shoes.)

And not to leave the drummer out, he was also v.good. Infacto Bloggabro and T.bag thoroughly enjoyed him and mentioned how the sound of the drums get slightly lost in the album production. I kinda understand what they're talking about but the music is still just so out there! The banditeers were chatting on the way home about how whoever discovered them must have thought they struck gold, such an original sound.

For those who would like to give them an ole listen but don't know where to start I would recommend; The Devils Crayon, Two Dancers part1, We Still Got the taste Dancing on our Tongues, Hooting and Howling and the faithful (and the one that got me interested in the first place) All the King's Men. Enjoy my blogsters!

With love, Bloggamonsta xxx

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