Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preen, Spring/Summer 2011

Morning bloggatrons! Here are a few backstage images from the Preen show that took place on the sunday of fashion week. Such a fantastic morning setting up the runway (steaming a gazillion ribbons that fell from the ceiling- but oh so worth it) and dressing models. It was such a great jump in NY fashion week after literally leaving the terminal! Well, you know not actually after leaving the termnial but you know what mean. So the show was held in MILK studios in NY- a very cool and very big studio space, which after a quick google tells me that it is infact a communal space shared by a group of artists whos work "stands at the crossroads of the fashion, photography, art and media worlds."

The collection itself was really impressive. A bit more sophisticated than previous, but definitely holds it's edge -not an Amy Winehouse edge, but that's probably for the best. Preen, who for me definitely stand out for their structured pieces, held strong to their roots but introduced a more minimalist, feminine (even bohemian vibe?) running through some of their S/S 2011 looks. The colour palette was squeeky clean, lots of camel tones, pale blues, whiter whites contrasted with a few LB pieces. The tile print, featured in a few floaty numbers, was absolutely yummy! Understated but with maximum effect. However, I think my all-time favourite pieces were the pelmets (little waist belts) which worked perfectly with the printed mid-max skirts and dresses, hence the London edge is given! And so easily. The beading was another hightpoint for me, unfortunetly I have no photos of that though. Have a google and see for yourself! describe it as caviar beading, which sounds too fancy not to mention.

Hope you enjoy the photos!
Kat the queen norwegian model who I was dressing, she was so nice and ridiculous cool. And beautiful. Can't believe she's only been modeling for six months. Best friends please!
Delicious tile print.
beside kat
grey two
Ribbons and Runway.

Must run now, there are plenty of yard-sales to hit, lots of sewing machine and knitting machines to price! And, more importantly, lots of NY to see! It is ridiculously hot over here though, I can't understand it's september?! I hear the winter becomes brutally (a word a NYer used) cold so I should really enjoy it while I can. Wait up NEW YORK, I'm-a-comin!
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  1. the curtain on the runway is so beautiful!