Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Yoik! New Yoik!


My lack of posting is ridiculous! I can't apologise enough. I have reasons for my absence bloggatrons. First of all, my laptop crashed a month ago, which was beyond sad. The little guy got me through the long days and late nights at college, who knew a dodgy dvd bought in Thailand could end our three year relationship? Secondly, I've been working hard on my portfolio, taking photos of work, making it look presentable for interviews etc. Aswell as all that working hard to fund my visa to NY!

The adventure is starting tomorrow with babz and libster in tow, can't believe it's come around so fast. I will be updating my blog as much as I can, it may not be as much as I'd like but once I get a new laptop friend Bloggamonsta will be back on track! Must run now- more packing to do, more goodbyes to be said, Eek!

Oh Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in...
Snogs and blogs xxx

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