Saturday, October 2, 2010

Forget all the things that I took with me..

Greetings bloggatrons!

So this week has been pretty hectic, I did a run through my cv and online portfolio on monday and tuesday -making sure it was all intact and looking glorious- e-mailed a few designers that I was interested in and scored an interview with a young and upcoming designer the following wednesday! Started work the next day in chelsea which by the way is V.fancy; already spotted Cynthia Nixon, Marilyn Manson and that extremely yummy r'n'b guy from gym class heros (not 100% sure it was infact him, but what the hell). Now I'm on the hunt for a paying job so I can actually support my glamourous NY lifestyle consisting of bagels, metro cards, underground gigs and v+t's. Oh and the best place for v+t's you ask? That would be Mars bar, a total dive! Literally. A minute walk from Spring St. exit, so cheap with the greatest juke box ever! Well granted it's our first dive bar jukebox experience, but I imagine it would be hard to beat (Bowie, Animals, MBV etc). However, the toilets are horrendous, Libster was brave enough to find the toilet flusher. -It really isn't a place where you want to touch anything. Can't believe I didn't take any proper photos of the place (let alone the toilets -seeing is believing), it's definitely one to record in the NYC archive!
This is from google; the daytime does nothing for the place.

On sunday Babz and I went see The Dust Busters, a fantastic southern band, in a venue called Jalopy, near carroll street I think? Lobster and I saw the violinist play on Shop St in Galway and were absolutely blown away by him. After a little youtube research, I found out he and his band were actually from Brooklyn and were regulars in Jalopy. What's even better; they not only perform in the tiny 40 seater theatre there, they also teach lessons and half of the venue is used by an instrument maker? (Not sure if that's the right word.) How tweedle di is that? I move all the way from Ireland to come across a band and a place that encapsulates Old Ireland. It was such a fantastic night, one might say Toe-Tapping Good! Maybe not.
The music is like a step back in time, not only with the musical instruments like the banjo, fiddle, harmonica, guitar but even their voices have that kind of scratchy off pitch sound. I'll definitely be going back.
Two photos so you can capture the atmosphere! And my bad photography.
Hiiting a local market near my street now, the granny one. Oh the joys!
Snogs and Blogs xxx

P.s. Can't stop listening to Groove Armada and Will young's History (hence the post title); so bad-ass. Most definitely recommend!

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