Saturday, October 9, 2010


Here are a few little purchases I bought since I got here, nothing too splurge-ful but loving them all the same.
Polaroid camera bought a few doors down at a stoop sale for $6, hello bargain central! Granted I'm not sure if it works yet as I need to get film, but if this was bought in London you'd easily be paying 20-25 pounds just for the body of it. I love the old-school chunky shape, and the push-up flash is possibly the best piece of technology I have ever come across.
Real leather satchel, $8, bought at the granny market. This hasn't come off my arm for the past three weeks. Absolutely love it! Perfect storage for all my pens and penny's. The arm strap is detachable so if I'm feeling a little 60's; it'll be shift dress, faux fur, knee highs and satchel! Ya-haw.
Knuckle-duster (as babz calls it) $12 prince street market. I've had my eye on this since I got here but I've been trying to do that; "Go away and think about it" mantra, so I did and bought it a week later. Love it on it's own, I know you can do that bulky build-up with other pieces but I don't really have the patience; y'know like trying to find keys, fixing hair, sewing etc. I'm also after mysteriously ripping off half my nail the other day so who knows what kind of damage could be caused by an immensely bling'd-up hand. eek!
Hope you like!

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