Thursday, December 30, 2010

NY NYE 2011

Back in NY Bloggatrons! Another New Year approaching is WEIRD. What's weirder is coming back to the aftermath of a blizzard, having to drag my bag through the mountains (literally mountains) of snow on Fulton street was hard and cold. Slushy puddles being the worst. But whatever! I'm back and no better way to feel..ahem.. ready to start.. the year than with a little Arcade Fire. See what I did there?! Hope so.
Heard this beauty on the new trailer for skins, needless to say it captured my Arcade-loving heart. Feels like a good anthem from the Funeral days, which is a compliment since I'm huge funeral fan. Never really fell in love with Neon Bible like I did with Funeral? I should've tried harder, but I got swept away by the goodness of MIA and In Rainbows.
Something tells me I'll be loving Arcade Fire, The Suburbs for 2011.. x

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