Tuesday, December 7, 2010

With you, Sunday never ends.

So how did I get to this video I hear you ask bloggatrons? Well let me tell you. I bought Nylon on Sunday because Mila Kunis is on the cover and who can resist reading about Mila Kunis? And in the mist of the big four page spread, there’s a one-line reference to her eight year ongoing relationship with Macaulay Culkin which had me staring at that one line for at least a minute thinking Reallly? Macaulay Culkin? Not in the “Why the fuck is she with him?” kinda way, more in the region of how have I never heard this before? So I decided to Wikipedia good ole Culkin and see what he’s been up to (Yes. I was eating dinner and I enjoy wikipedia’n random people – check out John Wayne Gacy. Weird! Discovery thanks to Sufjan Stevens.) Annnyway in the mist of all the movie stardom and family tiffs I came across this JAMMIN video for Sonic Youth that Culkin starred in. Not only is it a fantastic video, it is great song. Culkin looks quite stoned and rebellious. Wikipedia tells me he was 18 when the video was made and I love the grungey home-video 90's (1998 to be exact) feel to it. The up-close shot of Culkin licking his lips at the end is disturbingly cool. A lot of underlying hormones in this video. I like it!
Now if only today was a sunday, then the post would be complete.

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