Friday, January 21, 2011

Sheer Goodness..

Sheer Appreciation Day Bloggatrons! Came across a fabulous sheer look in work last week, captured on the streets of Paris and thought it would be a nice idea to dedicate a post to the sheer loveliness (ahem) of this particular style. I don't sport the overall sheer look like some of these fabulous ladies are (Maybe after some more yoga classes. Possibly.) but acknowledging the coolness of it is just enough to get me inspired to be more adventurous when introducing sheer to my wardrobe.
Also, as you can tell from my last post the sixties is what I'm loving at the moment, this has brought me to an obsessive state of finding a 60s shift with sheer sleeves. I hear Williamsburg is the thrift'ing mecca of NY so once I have a little more time after fashion week I will investigate and purchase purchase purchase!
This is just a photo of a midi- length skirt I bought in Oxfam, London last year for three pounds. Chopped out the lining and voile! Sheer Genius. Ok I'll stop with the puns and appreciate the goodness..
Love the polka dot panel contrast. It makes the grungy Courtney Love look a little pretty. (Paris Fashion Week)
The same kind of vibe as the above pic; a little grungy, a little edgy, love the belt and necklaces, and her cute pulp fiction length bob is a delight. Also whoever said smoking isn't cool needs to look at this girl. Don't smoke kids. Unless you can look like her.
Dragged this image onto my desktop last week and now I can't remember who it belongs to! It's definitely from somebody's style blog, and oh how I love this dress. She looks like a little doll, and I absolutely love the understated tights paired with it. A delicate take as appose to the harder edge that the other looks have. Although it still has something gritty about it which is obviously down to the black underwear and nipples on show. Actually, Cocorosie's song Raphael comes to mind. I think that sums it up pretty well. Love!

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