Saturday, April 17, 2010

Camping and the Villagers

Hello my fair bloggatrons!

So it's just a short one, I've been a serial procrastinator all morning and must start work ASAP! I blame it on the Gaurdian, it started me off on the wrong foot with it's fantastic feature on Ms.Jones, comfort set in and then the friggen Kardashians got me. Anyway two episodes later I'm blogging! Still slightly procrastinating but at least this way I'm getting inspired and keeping up to date with up and coming trends? Cough.

Love the eclectic styling of this photoshoot. And the model is FAB. Drooling over the Westwood piece in image three and hello camping bra! LOVE. Jill Sander piece is also b.e.a.utiful (Image 1). Another slight tribal, urban-warrior shoot with a deconstruction element, my favourite.

(Images are from

Oh before I go, I was flicking through the channels last night after watching Girl, Interrupted with m'ladies, and came across The Villagers on Jools Holland! Had an ole youtube today but only one song has been uploaded, I'm waiting eagerly for the rest. Check out this video from an Irish show based around young musicians, the dog howl is featured which is a yeehaw moment. (Although keep in mind when I saw them they were a five piece and the sound was alot better, y'know cos it's not coming a laptop.)

Hope you enjoy!



  1. Hey matey! Hope all is well!

    I too was struggling for ages trying to figure out how to increase the size of pics and width of my posts! The answer is below! Enjoy!

    Yours Truly


  2. everywhere i go, every magazine every blog i see red heads. they are really making a come back. i have been craving ever since going red 2. dont know if it will match me though.