Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hello Bloggsters,

I'm back from Landon Landon with 50 metres of fabrics and a bag of trims in tow. My purse feels alot lighter but I'm quite happy with my choices so it could be worse. Y'know like coming home and realising I hate everything? Yes that would be alot worse.
So it was a super short visit for Libster and I but as always the city treated us well. Goldhawke road (fabric street in london, great fabric at affordable prices) was walked for the majority of thursday and then Berwick St/ Oxford St was tackled on friday, then back on the plane to ye ole Emerald Isle on Friday evening. Every penny of my money was spent on fabric so unfortunetly I don't even have a key ring to photograph and post up, it took alot to walk through Oxford St and not venture in. I'm becoming responsible at last!
Here are a few samples from my fabrics which range from Jersey, Lace, Tulle, Dutchess Satin, Silk Twill and Chiffon;

The trims are from MacCulloch & Wallace;
Fell in love with the bronze circle buckle, aswell as my 5 buttons for £1.50.

Beads and rivets; a £1 a bag. I'd buy a bag of stones if it was priced at a £1. I do like these though, they'll be used for something I'm sure.

Although it was all go go go, we did squeeze in a delish vietnamese on thursday night on Kingsland rd with Rory, our fellow fashionisto, where we chatted over vino and then chatted some more in Dreambags Jaguar Shoes with our friend gin! It really couldn't have been better! Squishy couches, dimly lit rooms, music and snuggles; the beeswax. Wish I had more photos to upload for you guys, I'll do better next time.
(Dreambags Jaguar Shoes, Kingsland rd)

Bloggamonsta xxx

P.S. I saw Control for the first time last night with Lobster, now that is worth a blog! Maybe tomorrow...

Bloggamonsta xxx


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time, I love London... Control is definitely worth a post!

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  2. I love love love Berwick Street. Cloth House is literally a dream! And did you go to the hippy store opposite, So High? Such good jewellery!

    x x x