Saturday, April 24, 2010

Appreciating the Past

Hello bloggatrons!

I think I'm going to have to stop apologising for my lack of blogs because it looks like my 5 posts a month could be the limit for a while! I'm afraid at the moment I'm not feeling hugely inspired by anything to really blog about. Maybe it's because of the amount of time I'm spending on my own work. (*I'd like to take "amount of" out of that sentence please.) Don't get me wrong most photoshoots are fantastic and my favourite designers are called that for a reason but finding something hugely original in the 10sies is hard to come by. It got me thinking about the days when the designers ruled the roost and everything was in the name of fashion, was there more originality out there? Probably.

Now that youth culture and street style influence the fashion industry more than the hierarchy of designers itself, we have more wearability and updated versions of last seasons, which is great but I guess looking back to the 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s everything looked so new and fresh! Mary Quant and the mini skirt, Westwood with her punk roots, 1980's power dressing and 1990's Cobain Grunge. I wonder what the 00's will be remembered for? It's a mish mash decade. Britney Spears's midriff; hardly the most breakthrough fashion moment, Kate Moss's heroin chic'ish style (with pete doherty on her arm to give the heroin part proper meaning), Olsen's bag lady chic which I still love, paris hilton, nicole ritchie, I guess this was the decade of the celebrity? Apart from Spear's midriff, Kate moss and the olsen's style are each based on fashion from the past. I wonder have we reached our fashion quota? Is everything from now on reuse, recycle? I'm not complaining, I'd like to live in leggings forever.

Anyway time to appreciate fashion moments from the past!
mary quant mini
1960's Mini Skirt

edie sedgwick
Edie Sedgewick, if only to have been best buddies with Edie... sniff

Sid Vicious, Punk

Bowis as Ziggy

power suit
Melanie Griffith, Power dresser in Working Girl.

kurt cobain

My so called Life, If only Jared Leto would stop putting eye liner on and return to his grunge roots.

Bloggamonsta xx


  1. amen to the jared leto comment. Claire Danes on the other hand, has she ever had a moment of being uncool ever?! melina bee

  2. Thanks for your comment Melina! I don't think so, even her unattractive cries at the end of romeo&j gained a little more cool respect from me!