Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vintage Cheese

Hi bloggatrons!

The Emerald Isle is once again wet wet wet. But warm. Nice walking weather, or jogging, if one was into that sort of thing. So after watching a snipet of the MTV movie awards last night; Will Ferrel (being unusually not v.funny) and Mark Wahlberg (being abnormally annoying), it got me thinking bout the Calvin ad- y'know the talk of the 90's with Marky Mark and Kate moss? Had a little youtube and found the masterpiece which can definitely be filed under Vintage! Maybe Vintage Cheese? Marky Mark is straddling the line between hot and cringe. The love is strong though, if there is ever an ad that encapsulates the 90s, it's this.. Enjoy!

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  1. love this ad...definitely vintage!