Monday, June 14, 2010

Maybe I will, GOSH!

Hi bloggatrons!

So I got thinking about Nerd Glasses yesterday after a trip to Topman with t.bag, cancan and babz. A part of me really wants to embrace the trend that has been around for nearly a year, but then the other part feels like they've always been a bit try-hard? Yeah, yeah, yeah don't take fashion so seriously blah blah, buuut it would be so much easier to jump on board if I even remotely needed glasses on some level. To just put them on my face for such an obvious trend wouldn't make me feel so cool. So then I got thinking, I could reinvent myself when I move to NY! Yep I could be me, but me who struggles to see without her nerdy glasses? I think I'm onto something here, and so I've had a little look around. These two are from UO, I like the second pair alot.

urban outfitters

urban outfitters buddy

I almost feel like buying them now! Cue relatives; "Bloggamonsta, I never knew you needed glasses?" To which Bloggamonsta replies "Oh yes I have been suffering for quite a while now. My optician even recommended I get the extra large ones." Ha! Nah... I'll wait till NY.

While we're on the subject of glasses, check out these beauties from UO women, Karen Walker's creation for UO which retails at £170 big ones. Eek. I think I'll wait for it to trickle down to highstreet. Karen Walker and Linda Farrow kinda share the same style aesthetic, don't they? The love is strong for both.
urban out girl
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  1. The second one's my bet too! Although the third one's great too, if only they were not tinted. Anyway, the choosing is still up to you. Any pair of eyeglasses are good, just as long as they will make you comfortable and attractive.