Thursday, February 25, 2010

John Rocha, Fall 2010

Hooray Bloggatrons!

I finally found some pics that I could steal from the John Rocha show! It's been ridiculously hard- doesn't even stock his status and wouldn't let me me copy any pics? Luckily I found some on POP and I totally agree with them; this was one of the most exciting shows at LFW. Strange me saying that since I don't follow Rocha hugely, I always respected him as a great designer but I guess I always thought of him as one for a certain older clientele? Well Bloggatrons this collection proved me wrong wrong wrong! The mix of fabric weights such as silk and wool, the textures which have a natural feel and a slight techno twist, the dainty headpieces and edgy styling of kneeless (not sure if thats a word?) tights and the colour palette of dark gothic contrasted against feminine nude nearly made my texture heart burst!

Stop. Looking. Mouth. Drooling.

Bloggamonsta xxx

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