Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mark Fast, Fall 2010- LFW


Mark Fast takes on LFW for the second time with his plus-size models in-tow. Lovely collection but I'm afraid it's nothing incredibly different from the last. The edge is there but it just seems a little repetitive? Obviously he knew he was on to a good-thing with the body-con knit dresses, which were hit-maximus last season, but it didn't seem like there was any progression. Maybe I'm being too critical? No, I don't think so. -It's definitely harder to fault designers you love than those you're not so interested in. There were great points to his collection; like the textured neckpiece which fell over the basic body-con d, the assymetrical light viscose knit which was worked over a bodysuit(I actually LOVE this look), the beautiful layered rose pink dress and of course who can fault the curvy plus-size models he used? YUMMY. The signature detail of open-stitch cobweb knit, which makes it feel a little repetitive for me, will draw any FastFan in(old or new), the end result is edgy and wearable, -I guess I just expected a little bit more.

Wow just after reading over my post and I sound like a bit of a Negative Ned! Sorry Bloggatrons!

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