Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holly Fulton, ASOS Hub.

Yowzas Bloggatrons!

I was just havin a little sneaky peak on ASOS (oh the regrets) and I came across the capsule collection from Holly Fulton, apart of the ASOS Hub- supporting up and coming designers. I wrote about her in one of my first fashion blogs, and oh god is this smart venture good. It is so good that I had to save the pictures straight away and get off ASOS ASAP! Gonna upload them now so that you can all salivate over them and hopefully someone out there can afford a piece, maybe for me... Or at least dedicate the piece to me. I'll take anything! The surface texture that graced her critically acclaimed S/S 10 collection shown at Fashion East have been toned down into detailed prints and uber cool necklaces and the price tags have been replaced with a much more affordable prices between £60-£100. A total steal for designer pieces that are so unique and can be worn until the world explodes into tiny art deco pieces. The blue necklace is my fav.
Enjoy fashion lovers...or Flovers!

Oh apparently four pieces from Fulton's A/W 09 collection have been used in the latest Sex and the City movie! SJP is a lucky duck.


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