Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nancy and Balenciaga

Well hello my little bloggatrinos,

I am a very tired monster. Think I'm gonna have a little break for the night, my crafty hands are getting rusty. Have to post a great oldie that I heard today on the radio, the video is probably equally as good if not better! Its not the original one where shes jumping around in her sparkle pants and oversized black jumper, that video is fantastic. Can't get hold of it on youtube but this is so great in a different way. The days where there was only a stage, the singer and zero props! ...Well except for her wooden chair. Anyway I'm babbling...

She looks totally jammin! However, I did wonder, did she think that of herself when being filmed? Or inside is she cringing at her awkward bobbing? Having to bob all the way to chair and then sit down with just yourself and an empty stage must be daunting. But then again that is why I'm not an entertainer! oh to be the entertainer...

So just after having a glance through and I'm absolutely loving Balenciaga's spring 2010 collection. The sporty vibe that is running through the looks are fantastic. A very urban route for Balenciaga. Incredibly graphic and futuristic (but wearable, no spacesuits here); straight lines, bold colours, interesting panneling, fabrics, texture, print and cool closures; hardwaring zips- always a good option in my book. Also I'm loving the nod to craftiness on the skinny jeans- patch pockets! After reading the review on I was impressed even more by the use of natural dyes and fabrics. Apparently the skinny jeans (photo attached with sleeveless hooded zippy) is infact vegetable dyed leather! And the hoodie is a mixture of three different fabrics; molded leather, jersey and nylon foam. I can't even fathom a fabric like that but I can only imagine touching it would be a delight! The next photo attached is my favourite look.
I'm not really sure why its my favourite. I think it could be because its thread on such a thin line between beautiful and ugly. Also if you look at it from far away, it looks like she has a turtle shell on her belly. Thats what I love about good texture/print, when done well it can completely distorte your vision. I have to say though, there a slight Spring/Summer 09 Rodarte feel to a few of the "kilt" dresses. Not a bad thing since Rodarte is the king. Actually that is a designer I should be writing about! His textures and fabric manipulations are unbelievable, and you all know bloggatrons I'm a texture lover. He is definetely someone I have to spend more than two sentences on. For now though, I'm gonna hit the bed.

Good night my little bloggatronios!

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  1. Hilarious blogamonsta - just watched nancy bopping!