Sunday, December 20, 2009

The White Lies

Gig number three!

So I saw these guys in the Academy and it was a delight. Great live band but badly fitted black clothing. Only downfall. You can do black well if you put a little bit of imagination into it (like The XX, just sayin'), not even so much the imagination, the fit is more important. The bassists looked a lot older than the other members coz he had a smelly ole black shirt on that could've been a decade old, he also had a few too many buttons undone. You never know though maybe I just caught them on an off night, maybe they ran out of clean clothes! ho ho! Anyway I was really impressed with them, it's one of lobster's fav bands of the momento. I tagged along with a free ticket and got myself a free heineken. The venue was really great aswell- not too big not too small...

Gees you won't believe how many photos I have of the lead singer, he's quite yummy.

Bloggamonsta xxxx

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