Monday, December 7, 2009

Craftfair Experience!

Hello Bloggatrons!

First of all, what do you think of my new MONSTABLOGGA heading? Pre-tty trendy. Its all thanks to the t.bag! I feel like an officially blogger now! Oh lets not be silly i was always an official blogger.

Sooooo as you know I've had a busy two weeks being crafty and yesterday was the big day with Libster and Babz! Gonna upload a few photos...

Baby bib making took over my life for a few days but whats better than thinking like a baby? So as you can tell I'm no photographer and these were taken the night before the fair so I didn't really have time to display them properly.

I hope you enjoy them! Fabrics include jersey, sweatshirting, pvc, plactic, cotton and stretch cotton. The wipe clean plastic bibs are pretty kick ass. It allows your baby's ensemble to been seen all the way through feeding! Very important in baby land.

Placematts! Oh your house would not be complete without them. So just like the bibs everything is handmade and theres a huge amount of stitch detail. I think my personal fav placematts are the large blue and white print with the house scene and flower stitch/button detail and polka dot bias binded edges. The large white placematts are similar with the house scene and flower detail but with "There's no place like home" embroidered into each matt. The fabrics used are mainly cotton and stretch cotton and the fun scenes (house, flowers, hearts) are made from pleather, stayflexed jersey and pvc.

The bowbands and bow broaches are Lady Gaga and Luella inspired. Made in polka dot b/w jersey, blue leopard print, blue aerotex, black sequin, pink pvc, orange pvc and baby pink waterproof. BowBands consist of bow attached onto cute headbands and BowBroaches, well its pretty self explantory! Wahhla!

I also made a few button broaches; cute and small with pretty detail. Made from taffeta, a wax organza with stitch detail, buttons and beading. These are my most adventurous photos, taken in my nieces baby playhouse! The broaches look ginormous beside the plastic squirrel, I kinda like it.

So thats it bloggatrons! Hope you've enjoyed the photos! They took me a ridiculously long time to upload. Gotta jump back in my caravan now for the next fair! I joke I joke. I will be having a few days of chilling and gigging, checkin out the white lies on wednesday and then The XX the week after. Whoop Whoop!

I'll hit you up with another blog before then.
Over and out bloggstas!

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