Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ode to Brittany Murphy


I was so focused on getting a good photo of Brittany Murphy from Clueless to mark this sad occasion that I completely forgot about the other great movies she was in. I came across some movies stills from 8 mile, Uptown girls, and one of my personally favs; Girl, Interrupted. Obviously as a young girl, the movie Clueless opened my eyes to style, and a fake american accent (which I still have a twang of to this day) but I think Girl Interrupted was by far Murphy's most cool indie flick. However, Clueless is definetly the movie that created earthquakes in the style stakes all over the world. "She could be a farmer in those clothes"!

Who could forget Brittany Murphy's character "Tai" (what a cool fricken name) getting a makeover in Chers? The dye being washed out of her hair, the heart belly top cut even shorter, Dion doing her make-up- wowsers. Ugh, and the cute little red plaid school uniform she wears on her first day of school as an official member of the cool crew with Cher and Dion wearing a matching yellow and black ensemble. I think my little ten year old self had the world stop for a minute.
The beauty of the over-the-knee socks? I vote Murphy as number one wearer! Oh and of course the brilliance of how she finds the balance between her new found coolness and her grunge roots. It wouldn't be a chick flick without a faint message. - That was a particularly good one. Unfortunetly, there aren't many photos of Tai on her own (which is dissapointing) but this is a fab one of the three..

Now, Girl, interrupted -she did an amazing job, she worked the troubled and slightly creepy girl very well. I mean it when I say this is one of my favourite movies in the last decade. Great style and completely different from anything she has done before. Very 1950's, old and rigid. Her hair is perfection!

It's so weird how her career went down a path of shit chick flicks like Just Married , then again I did like Uptown Girls, but Girl Interrupted was just so kick ass! It shouldn't of happened that way. Also, the whole body-image change around 8 mile was crazy, she became too much of a skinny minnie. To make matters worse it was a shit movie, but I do remember being envious of good ole Murphy and her cool ways - actually was she a whore? Either way she was a cool cat.

Sad that it ended this way for her but at least she leaves behind a pretty great legacy. Not an in your face legacy but one that can be dug around to discover gems of old material Murphy was linked to. For example, I didn't know Murphy was in Party of Five, now that's worth a google!
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