Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The XX

Hello followers!

Gees I really can't get enough of this blog! I tried to wait until the evening to make it look like I have more important things to do, but alas i don't...

So pickin my next video was a toughie. Theres so much good stuff out at the momento, lovin that Harry Brown theme song, along with Black Eyed Peas new doozy! -Very Empire of the Sun/ MGMT'ish. There is also a crackin cover of the Rolling Stones song Wild Horses by Susan Boyle.

I decided on The XX, and even then I was torn between two songs; Islands and Crystalised- both totally gorgeous and atmospheric. In the end the Crystalised video won, partly because I wasn't sure if the other was official or not. But definetly check out Islands, I played it until the cd melted. Not really!

I thought the girl singer was gay but according to T-bag and Lobster the lyrics and sexual tension(?) between her and the guy singer is ridiculously obvious. I'm not really sure.

Hope you enjoy!

Over and out followers,

Bloggamonsta xxx

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  1. they totes mcgrotes sound like they're nearly humping on islands in my opinion, u r an awesome blogger