Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yay!Shake it to break it!

Hello again!

I'm just so happy the pictures uploaded in (kinda) the right places! I think we should have a vid to celebrate. I also drove like a professional today on the real roads,however I did stall on a hill start but I survived and thats the important thing. Oh and if you remember from my first post, my brain was all mushy and I couldn't finish a book that I had been reading for a ridiculously long time....Well! Its finito!And now I'm starting a new one! Jodi Picoult- nineteen minutes, gotta love the weepers. Anywho this ain't not book club, lets get down to business. So I'm not the biggest fan of this guy but I friggen love this song! Saw him live in Ibiza and he did a jammin remix of La Roux, In for the Kill but I can't find it anywhere! This is a real shaker, unfortunetly I'm not heading out to shake it. Actually I'm lying, I'm delighted I'm not headin out which makes me even more a loser. Enjoy!

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