Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saving for a caravan.

Hello Bloggatrons!

Soz bout the lack of posts for the last few days, I've been a busy bee. Had a girlie night last night for rachys bday which was jammin. We had Cosmos, Prosecco and wine; not a very good combination for someone with sinus problems but it felt really good at the time! And thats all that matters.
Sooooo... What is going on in the world of Bloggamonsta? Well at the mo' I'm making copius amounts of bibs, place matts and gloves for the local craftfair. Ya gotta make a livin' somehow! I'm really enjoying it though, I even said to Lobster yesterday if I could have a semi comfortable life making and selling little crafty things I would do it in a heartbeat. I'd buy a nice ole caravan and travel around the world with music blaring. Oh what would you be blaring bloggamonsta? It would have to be this little beauty...

I'm also loving Shakira's song that she performed at the MTV Berlin awards, "Did it again"- it is such a great song and the video is amazing. The woman can move in so many ways, its maddness! Can't upload it unfortunetly coz youtube have weird regulations, I don't think they like sharing her with the monsta. But another song which I'm loving (and couldn't be further from Shakira) is Arctic Monkeys nembie. It is fantastic! The song is called Cornerstones, you gotta give it a few listens coz its a grower, but for me the video has made that love grow and grow even more. Simple and retro with just alex in a wolly red jumper infront of a white screen and singing into a dated voice recorder with a satchel strap and oversized earphones! Wait its too good, I'll try and upload a photo...

How brill is that? Friggen excellent!
So thats all I really have for you right now. Gotta get back to my bib making, might upload a few photos of them later! Oh, might just do a fashion section later! Excitement!

I hope the rain will go away soon. Jesus its like the end of the world here. It literally has not stopped raining since monday and then the world cup incident happened. The Emerald Isle was gone loco. I couldn't really give a monkeys about soccer but it was on in the background when me and t.bag were discussing blogging business (yes we are cool in real life) and lobster had a mini heartattack when the handball occured, it seemed unfair. Thats all I have to say on that matter.

Ill hopefully post later bloggatrons!
Love and hugs,
Bloggamonsta xxxxx

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