Sunday, November 8, 2009

How did I not see this?

Hello bloggatrons!

Well I was just fishing on youtube yesterday and came across the video for YYYs song Heads will roll- how did I not ever see the video? Its so friggen brill! Love the mouseman! And Karen O looks delish, especially in the last scene when shes chopped into pieces. I never really got into the new album though; Zero, Heads will Roll, Soft Shock and Hysteric was as far as I went. Although Hysteric is on constant replay on my ipod at the momento. Fever to Tell and Is Is EP were absolutely worn out from me playing them so much. Hmmmmm its a thinker. Maybe I'm subconsciously being a music snob and preferred it when the YYYs were a little less well known, or maybe the album is just not the best.

The same goes for the Kings of Leon, the last album they released was shiticus! Actually thats a little harsher than how I feel bout the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Its Blitz... But it was. The only song that was remotely Kings like was the first on the album Closer and I guess Use Somebody was a little catchy. And what happened to them? Celebrity killed the killer coolies! Like what was the video for Sex on fire? What is the song Sex on fire? Terrible.

Anyway I totally got off the point! Hope you enjoy this little doozy, not the newest but something that has to be seen if you haven't already. Enjoy bloggatronios!

love and hugs,

Bloggamonsta xxxx

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  1. You are cracking me up Bloggamonsta -keep up the commentary...