Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marina and the diamonds

Yay! It worked!

I think this is a perfect video to start off my blog. Fun, Quirky and a bit of a jumper. Love this girl, just discovered her a few weeks back from my old roomie viv (...i miss u :(...) and I haven't stopped listenin to her! May have to dig deep in the ole pocket to buy her album!

And how brill is the video? Her crinkle paper legs are my fav! At the start of the song it looks like she has hoves; genius. Who doesn't want hoves? I love her collar piece aswell.

If you like this song you'll love "I am not a robot", the video is very Kate Bush-esque which is never a bad thing. Unless it is done badly. In this case it isin't!

Enjoy followers!

love and hugs,
Bloggamonsta xxxx

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