Saturday, May 8, 2010

Abraxas Rex, gimme some...

Happy weekend Bloggatrons!
It would be an even happier one if this piece was sent to my door.
paris kain kimonos
Paris Kain's hand painted Kimonos. Wish I had a better photo for you bloggsters. There is a cream and black splat one that makes me drool. (Not sure if he'd be too happy naming one of his delicious kimono's "black splat".)

Paris Kain is the man behind the super cool jewellery label Abraxas Rex and a contributor to Alexander Wang - some may remember the delightful ear cuffs.
ear cuffs

Based in NY and taking from the website (, the mantra behind the label seems v.spiritual, natural and slightly warrior-esque. There is a real depth and richness to the pieces. Almost an end of the world feel, I don't know if it's because theres a hint of punk? But it's more than that too, and I think the term "neo-punk" cheapens it a little. It's like we're 100 years into the future and theres a war of the worlds and jewellery is not only a style statement but also a weapon. Maybe a slight element of cyberpunk? Needless to say I love it! All!
albraxas rex for alex

abraxas rex for alex cuff
Above two pieces; Albraxas Rex for Alexander Wang

(All images from Google)
Bloggamonsta xx

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