Tuesday, May 25, 2010

C for Cheap


Happy sunny tuesday! It's been an absolute roaster in the Emerald Isle, so hot that I've gotten burnt (very strange for Ireland). I'm not complaining though, a small price to pay to be able to blog outside in t.shirt and shorts. Sooo, I bought a few cheapies in the last two weeks and I thought I'd showcase them! Nothing fancy. But they put a smile on face, and they curb any need of a shopping spree.

Firstly, sunglasses. From Pennys (aka Primark) €1.50 for each pair. The lalalove is strong.

I have been looking for a trench for the past few months. -I think the power of Burberry's advertising finally got to me so I put it on my wishlist. Came across this little gem in Debenhams for €59 which was a total steal! I love it because it makes me feel mature and sophisticated when paired with simple basics underneath and then when it's buttoned up and tied I feel like a detective. Don't think it gets better then that bloggatrons.

And lastly, a top I picked up yesterday after my driving lesson in Dunnes Stores for €12! (I guess Dunnes would kinda be like the Asda for UK and maybe..Wal-Mart for US but not as jumbosized) It's such a great place to ramble into and find pumps, t.s, little dresses etc for cheap. Love this for the simple comfy shape.

And I don't think this little detail could be any better! Yes, a little cheap looking, but quirky to the maximus. My life would not be complete without a Groove crest.

Hope you enjoy my fair bloggatrons!
Snogs & Blogs xxx


  1. love that top! it supa cute!

  2. -ahah, i love your blog. ahaha, dunnes is amazing. the trench coat is lovely and the top is gorgeous.
    great blog(:

  3. mmm I like your new sunglasses!!! especially the beige one))