Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FlashOn with Fashion!

Hi bloggatrons,

I was flicking through Elle US yesterday and found such an interesting section on fashion solar power. Shiela Kennedy (sounds irish) an architect whos firm KVA MATx collaborated with 8 designers to shed light(ho!) on energy deprived areas throughout the world, quite a stylish and original way of doing so though; through the use of solar panels inserted into bags. I could only get my hands on one image from google which belongs to Loeffler Randall, but through that little research came alot more info! First of all here is Randall's...
loeffler randall

Nice, eh? Not at all like a space suit but an actual wearable piece! (Solar panel doesn't really scream contemporary.) By placing this baby in the sun (it even works on cloudy days) it charges a battery that generates a light source and a USB port. Imagine a bag with an ipod charger? Perfect. The idea came about when Kennedy was travelling in a remote part of Mexico and was alarmed by the lack of electricity which left kids and adults without light to study or work when the sun went down. The big bag project has got well known designers supporting the cause; Tommy Hilfiger, Diane Von Furstenberg, Vena Cava, to name a few.

Apparently the work she does with non-profit organisations in Africa continues to help villages which suffer from energy poverty . That makes me happy. Fashion for the eco-concious, and for everyone's right to have the most basic and general need in everyday life, light.

Noon Style is another label which delves into the eco-friendly ways of fashion. A label made up of two textile designers who share a love of organic cotton, hemp, naturally dyed fabrics, chemical free leather and heavy hardware. They too have used solar panels in their designs but these two pieces have to be my fav. Each bag is a one-of-a-kind from individual tie-dying which gives it 100 extra cool points. I'll take them!
noon solar
noon solar2

Quite an eco-friendly fashion post! Must do more.
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(First image from Google, last two from www.noonstyle.com)


  1. I love the solar pannel idea. It's so interesting to see the eco-fashion not just be friendly by design, but by use.

    just stumbled onto this blog..love it! extra love your about me section...'nerd, but not in the smart way'? yea, me too ;)

  2. hey love! thanks so much for stoppin by my lil blog the other day. and supa cute purse finds! the first ones literally blingin! ;-P