Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A piece of Neen please.

Morning Bloggatrons!

I've come across an incredibly cool jewellery design duo- Anndra Neen. Two sisters from Mexico; Phoebe and Annette Stephens with their one year old spring chicken label. Their pieces range from bracelets to over the top neckpieces which carry a medieval/warrior feel. Yes I like. Hand crafted with mixed metals creating an idea of armor, which is enforced even more-so by the spiked cuffs. Eek I love! The following remind me of something you'd find on the sea-bed; debris from an old ship, corroded rock, sea urchins... Just lovely.

(Found these fantastic photos on www.ashadedviewonfashion.com)
anndra neen
andra neen purse

Apparently everything is handmade at their studio in Mexico. I wonder what kind of part they play in the label? Do they create the jewellery aswell as design? If so respect. There is such an original edge to each piece, statement neckpieces have been around for a while but I think Anndra Neen takes the biscuit. There is such a timeless aspect to their work, the jewellery resembles something an archaeologist dug up from the past! If I had a piece I'd build my own glass box with a light and exhibit it in my kitchen. Lalalalalove...

andra neen
(last image from google.com)

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  1. wow!!! such a talented people that are these two sisters!! OMG I'm really fan! great job! I wanna one of the those rings!!! where can we buy it?