Monday, May 3, 2010

Cocteau Twins and wants.

Bloggatrons! It's a sunny sunday in Ireland! Infact it's been quite sunny for the last few weeks, I think global warming may be working to our advantage. Two weeks ago we even had a bush fire right near my house! Not at all amusing at the time but looking back it was quite an exciting night. *Note to self; must get out more.

So as my last two blogs indicated theres not much inspiring me on the fashion side of things at the moment. Looking back into the past is keeping me occupied, or of course scouring the streets (or better yet, the internet) for individual style, never lets a girl down. For the last few weeks though there has been one thing (or rather two) on my mind and that is gigs and festivals (Gigtivals? Ho!) Oh the pain of hearing about Electric Picnic tickets going on sale. I am a EP veteran with four years under my belt, I can't possibly stop there can I? With NY in sight it may have to stop with a full stop. And then of course theres the infamous Glastonbury, each year from January - March I make myself believe that this year is my year, I'm going! I've yet to go bloggatrons. Benicassim is another distant hope, the idea of being able to swap a rain jacket and wellies for a little sundress and flippys gives me a weird feeling in my belly. A good feeling. The list of wannabe festivals goes on and on and on.. Sonar, Primavera, V and Leeds..

And of course the clothing side of festivals.. oh the joy! And the rain:( But the big ideas are the most important when it comes to festival planning, even if it has to be covered up with a rain jacket.

leopard print lily
I'll have this please.

This t.shirt with...

leggings love
...these leggings..

gucci high tops
..and I'll have these in a girl size thank you!

Since the summer festivals are looking hazy at the minute I've decided I'm going to jam a few budget gigs in, I know, hardly the most exciting plan when it's up against the above heavy weights BUT it could be marvellous! Cathy Davey, who I've seen twice, is always a jammy dodger. The Villagers, a definite showstopper. Marina and the Diamonds could be a possibility. Aswell as Real Estate who I've heard are v.good from a certain Lobster and Bloggabro. New Young Pony Club are also playing in May, which would be a nice blast from the past! But the big one, which takes the cheese, but seem to have no plans on touring are the Cocteau Twins. Introduced to me by lobster, which he obviously regretted (Persephone was played a gazillion times after discovery). With such a great alternative sound I guessed they were a experimental band from the 10sies, but like most good things they are a post punk, new wave band formed in the late 70's. After a little bit of research on the net and alot of listening to old material on youtube I feel like I've been living under a rock! How have I only come to know about them now? All that Cocteau Twin fun-time lost? I'll be making up for it now, that is for sure. An example of the goodness; Hope you enjoy!

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