Monday, May 10, 2010

Stood like a tower higher and higher hello

Hi Bloggatrons!

So this kind of scared me a little. Obviously I'm a big fan of MIA but after this shocktastic video I kinda felt a little sick to my stomach. You have to stick with the build up for at least three minutes until you understand what the video is all about. (I'm guessing a pretty corrupt american army.) Then when you're seven minutes in it really hits it hell for leather. I didn't even hear the song by the end?! Must listen again. A depressing but brilliantly executed song video. Not a good one to watch before bed. And steer clear of the The Boy in the Striped PJ's , jesus christ that will just bury you 'till friday.

As shallow as it sounds though I would loved to have seen MIA rocking it BUCKY DONE GUN style. But then again I guess this shows how much range she has, and it's also like two fingers at the marshmallow singers out there at the moment. Rihanna, Gaga etc (I love you all...) And you can't forget the not-so-serious but serious message of equality it's shouting out.

So here it is..

Bloggamonsta xxx

P.s. Going to a band called Real Estate tonight, V.excited!


  1. smart you. I made the mistake of watching it at 1 am right before crashing... eeks indeed. i've also been meaning to watch the boy in the stripped pyjamas, but i suppose i'll do that when the sun is shinning out and avoid crumpling completely into a ball ..

  2. Brace yourself! I felt ill with emotion for the next two days...eek.