Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Statement DIY

Hello bloggatrons!

What I have been noticing majorly in the past two months is the rise of crafty accessories. Whether it's a DIY Judy Blame inspired piece with chains, plastic charms, spray paint and black plastic bag residue(wow that was graphic!), a finely created patchwork neckpiece of different silhouettes or Holly Fulton futuristic pieces, they're a coming!
Here are just a few pieces I came across on the net...

LV Paper necklace


Making stuff craft book

Holly Fulton

The label Lizzie Fortunato is interesting, twin sisters that started it all in their dorm room in college. There's a real boho vibe to their pieces and a very creative aspect with the different use of materials- ranging from rhinestones, hand covered leather beads, crystals, metal chains, bolts, fabric and trims.
Here is a piece from Fall/Winter 2009...

Not sure what the price range is for Fall/Winter 2009, but I'm preeetty sure my penny's won't be enough. However, luckily for me there is a Lizzie Fortunato diffused collection which hit Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago yay! Ranging between $30-$50, not bad for fab!

Louise Gray's Spring/Summer 2010 range is deliciously chic DIY to the max. She collaborated with Judy Blame who is the king of recycling jewellery (and waste and anything else I'm sure) and making it into something wearable and original. I've admired Judy Blame throughout college and the punk roots he has safety pinned to his heart but this collaboration he has done with Louise Gray is not hardcore punk, it's more playground punk. The punk elements are there but there are a few bubblegum pink charms thrown into the mix, along with toy soldiers and spray paint. I'm not complaining! Have a look...

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  1. i love the bracelet from urbsn oufitters. i really want to buy it but i think its a little too pricey just for a bracelet!

  2. wow those are really interstingg pieces!
    i like the bib necklaces
    great post :)

  3. Thanks for your comments guys! Join the bloggatron train if you'd like. It would make me happy!