Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bora Aksu, Spring/Summer 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 is literally making me drool. What an amazing job Bora has done with this collection, utterly beautiful. How? How? How Bora? The idea behind the clothing, the textures the silhouettes? HOW??!! “I had this picture in my mind of pretty prom dresses, and how they could be made more beautiful and this idea of throwing paint over them so that it dripped fluidly down them. So then I looked at appliqué and print” , explains Aksu.
Love the first look below, the prom dress looks like it should be worn by a zombie- the white sequin and black fishnet leggings, fabulous. While the second last look gives me a taste of sophisticated cyborg, there is a hint of Victorian with the fitted jacket. The bow detail on look number one and three below brings humour to the monotone colour pallete. It's a total success for Bora Aksu! In my opinion, he is still a designer that is quite under the radar. Maybe it's a nice place to be? Recognised and appreciated without the constant media spotlight, hmmm yes that's nice.
Anyways Bloggatrons! Enjoy the photos below...

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  1. So agree, great designs! Bora Aksu is on my radar now! Sabine x

  2. I know, totally fab! Thanks for you comment Sabine! x