Friday, January 22, 2010

Alexander Mcqueen 2010 Spring campaign.

Hi bloggatrons!

I didn't want to leave it more than a week in between posts, thats a sign of a very uninterested blogger- and that I am not! I've been a busy bee this week and I'm in London for the weekend so the bloggamonsta is a go-go. Regular posts (ya know a little bit more personal) will be back to normal midweek, my eyes and ears are open to underground trends emerging and my finger is on the camera clicker so stay tuned bloggatrons.

In the meantime have a look at McQueen's 2010 Sping campaign, it took me a while to see the model all tangled up in those snakes! However, I didn't have a problem spotting the delicious shoes. -It's weird, in my last post I was writing about how it's easy to appreciate the beauty of designer pieces but hard to find a wearability factor, well McQueen is a perfect example of that for me. When I first saw these shoes I was in awe but I thought to myself it'll never cross over to highstreet WELL (sorry it's a long time coming) after seeing this beautiful campaign with the shoes in lime green I can safely say I eat my words. Give me a pair please McQueen!

(Thank you

Bloggamonsta xxx

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