Saturday, January 9, 2010

Alexandre Herchcovitch S/S 2010, Louise Goldin S/S 2010, Topshop

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Another snowday and it's only meant to get worse..ugh. I think you know you're getting old when you want the snow to melt. But at least this means another fashion related post! There's nothing better than reading up on fashion when the weather is shit outside. Purchased Elle UK and Elle US for the train home from lobster's yesterday and I have to admit (putting the two beside eachother) Elle UK most definitely kicks ass in the fashion reporting. There's alot more "about the house" in Elle US and not enough Fashion, and it's all very squished- anyway that's neither here nor there.

So....FASHION! Found a number of delicious pieces that I wanna post about. Interesting for all to see. Someone I'm really interested in this season is Alexandre Herchcovitch. His Spring/Summer 2010 football themed collection is kick-ass. OMG the fricken leather football clutch is painfully cool. There are slight simalarities with Alexander Wang but maybe that's only the sporty aspect, but they definitely share an underground youth culture vibe. Have a look... (I'm afraid the photo of the leather clutch is the best I could get)

Hello my main woman Louise Goldin! It's amazing, the fashion industry moves so quickly that sometimes you forget the ones you love. Did I say Forget? Forget is a very strong word.
Anyways I got a VERY big reminder of the love I have for Goldin when flicking through Elle US yesterday. Her Spring/Summer 2010 collection is inspired by Versace's mid-nineties advertising campaigns and Jean Paul Gaultier's pointy bra influence in Madonna's 1990's tour. Random? Yes. But look at the end result...Fantastic.

The shoes should really have a post all of their own. They are just beyond the beyond!! Goldin will be stocking her diffused shoe collection in Topshop on February 5th for £150 a pop. Wouldn't want to be in there when a fight breaks out, simply because you could die. This is the first shoe collection for Louise Goldin and it's pretty fantastic that instead of going straight to Harrod's,Selfridges or BT's it's finding it's first home on the highstreet!

(Louise Goldin Spring/Summer 2010 show shoes)

(Louise Goldin's diffused collection for Topshop)

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  1. That leather clutch is sick!

    Great post!

  2. where can u buy that clutch??

  3. I know its totally fab. I'm sure it'll trickle down to high street soon, if its not there already! see you in the q!