Friday, January 29, 2010

P for Purchases.

Here are a few purchases from londontown! I'm trying hard to save save save for NY so I put myself on a budget. I vowed I wouldn't buy any more clothes until NY, unless my house burnt down (or if I was robbed), so accessories it is! Don't take much notice to the sneaky t-shirt that found it's way into my suitcase. The little bitch.

Ok so starting off; got these three necklaces in Bik Bok on sale; 3 for £5. I haven't stopped wearing the pink donut! Weird since the donut and the bedazzled keyring were just hanger-on'ers since all I really wanted was Lucky5.

Spitalfields purchase. I'd like to live in a tent in Spitalfields if they'd let me. This is a printed VCR Broach; £3 Cute on my bag, cardie or t.shirt.

The next two purchases are from a duo called Typical Freaks (yummy looking boy and girl, intimadatingly cool styles and nice friendly faces), I had to be torn away from their stall. EVERYTHING is kick ass! My two budget buys don't even justify how great their stuff is... check out their website
Clips; £1, Necklace; £5

This is the little guy that snuck into my bag and rightly so. Bought in Spitalfields and priced at £7. Lobster jumped on the Ttrain and got himself one with a choir print which I will be stealing v.soon and wearing as a dress! Two T's were bought at £13.


Bloggasista's christmas gift to herself; bought before xmas. I just had to post a photo of this designer's work. The stall is still alive with headbands and statement necklaces; b.e.a.utiful, brilliantly made and comfortable. It's hard to get a comfy headband- you know one that doesn't cut off the blood supply! All her pieces are perfect for every occasion; whether it's a wedding, night out or a (stylish) walk. Most pieces were priced around the £10- £12 but well worth every penny. I'm regretting not buying one now. EEk. Found her stall in Brick Lane market on Saturday and Sunday Upmarket on Sunday, second floor.

And last but not least! £3; Bargain Bin. Rokit. Brick Lane. Hasn't come off my head! Meant for bloggabro's!

Bloggamonsta xxx


  1. Awesome purchases! Dying to have the headband and the necklace!

  2. thanks for following! i love the first t-shirt and the key chain necklace. i need to go shopping with you!

  3. Wow totally gorgeous!!
    I really love those tshirts! I want them!
    Tomorrow x

  4. I love the lucky 5 bling bling. Those shirts are awesome too. Unique designs. You won't be able to find these kinds of stuff elsewhere.

  5. you just inspired me for a ton of diy projects!!! thank you!! espetially with the vcr broach, dont know why, but i totally loved it!

  6. haha, there's nothing like saving but buying little nooks just to scratch an itch..hehe.

    great buys!
    and thanks for dropping by my blog..

  7. Love the VCR brooch and the beanie.
    Gonna try DIY a VCR brooch now....

  8. such great finds. i love the design on the tees. lucky u u going to NYC.

  9. Thanks so much for your comments guys! I'm glad you like them and I'm so happy to hear that I inspired some DIY projects! xxx bloggamonsta