Saturday, January 16, 2010

David Koma, Spring/Summer 2010

Signature Style David Koma? “Sculptural shapes, heavy embellishment and a perfect fit.”

A total genius! His dresses have been worn by Rihanna, Beyonce and Cheryl Cole(even though I have to say, didn't love it on Cheryl-think she styled it with over the knees and it just didn't work). He won the Vauxhall Fashion Scout merit award for his Spring/Summer 2010 collection inspired by sculptures of Nikki de Saint-Phalle and organic shapes which leads to a delcious group of 60's inspired dresses with exagerrated shoulders and what not.

The silhouettes his garments create are amazing! And god the glass embellishment he uses, brings this collection to another level. The colour story really works; orange, blue, pink, green contrasted against a backdrop of black and white. And the fabrics include; leather, wool, cotton, jersey and silks. You could definitely wear this collection which makes it all the better, you know sometimes you can only appreciate the work of some designers without the collection having a wearability factor? Well not here! Love for David Koma! Roll on London Fashion Week, apparently his inspiration is based around geometry. Can't wait to see the end result, I will most definitely be keeping you all informed bloggatrons!

(First five shots are all thanks to Dazed and Confused;

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  1. LOVEing these !